Question regarding Mealy Bugs

teisa(6)March 1, 2013

I need some advice. My husband bought me a very beautiful Hoya Carnosa all green variety that is wrapped around a bamboo hoop for Valentines Day. I isolated it for last couple of weeks, and when watering last night discovered white cotton like things along the branches. I know this must be mealy bugs. I've never had them so I've got a few questions.

Because I have several ropes, I do use BATS every 3-4 months for prevention. Should I simply take this plant back or try to get rid of the buggers?? He purchased it at one of he box stores. And second question.....if I try to get rid of them or future treatment advice, if I treat with systematic, I do still have to kill what's on leaves with alcohol? Or systematic will kill the bugs on leaves too?

Thanks for advice.
- Teisa

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Oh do not take it back! He meant well! I use a small sprayer with mouthwash like listerine brown/yellow no minty stuff and it gets it done or alcohol swabbing. Isolate it for sure. Another suggestion is a few drops of Palmolive green dish soap in a sprayer checking daily for any missed newly hatched they can hang on for weeks in leaf crevices! Denise has an expression ..swishy wash!? She can correct me if I am wrong. ~ Mary

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Ok thanks Mary! I took alcohol swabs and cleaned crevices and leaves. I then gave it a good watering with Bats. It is really beautiful! I'll keep checking daily!! Thanks for the quick response.

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