Is this a Hoya?

hermie3rd(5)March 4, 2013

Hi! My mom just gave me a plant yesterday for my birthday. She got a cutting from my aunt in Germany, (I'm sure she smuggled it in, lol), and my aunt didn't know the name of the plant. My mom got the cutting years ago, and has produced 3 plants from it. This is the second plant she produced. After searching Google, it looks to me like a Hoya, but I wanted confirmation to ensure I give it the best care possible. None of the plants she has ever had have bloomed, but my aunt told her that hers has gotten a white flower on it.

If you could please let me know if 1) this is a Hoya, 2) what type of Hoya it is (if it is actually a Hoya), and 3) whether the leaves are supposed to be that dark green, or if it is not getting enough light, I would really appreciate it.

Thank you!

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Your plant looks to be Hoya carnosa and it is very healthy. The leaf colour is a little dark which means it might not bloom as well as if it were on brighter light, still it's in great condition.
You can grow this plant in a shaded South facing window, an East window, or shaded west window. Medium green leaf colour would give the best indication of proper light levels for blooming.

Congratulations on your new Hoya and happy birthday.


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Hi Mike,

Thanks so much for the info! Yes - my mom is notorious for her green thumb. Neighbors often bring dying plants to her to revive. She also loves to just take cuttings of things, stick them in water, and see if they root. Most of the time they actually do! I have inherited her green thumb to a point, much to my husband's chagrin. ;)

When I get this guy home, I'll put him in my east-facing living room window. I love the color of the leaves, but I would like to see if I can get him to bloom.

I hope I don't kill him. I'll take some cuttings just in case. Should I worry about fertilizing? My mom rarely fertilizes anything, so I don't want to do anything to shock the plant.

Also, can I move him outside when the weather gets warmer? I live in Michigan - the front of our house faces east, the back west. Should I start it out under a tree, where it is shady, and then move it out into the sun a little at a time? It's just such a nice plant I'm worried of killing it. (Although my mom has a smaller one she would probably give

Thanks so much for all of the info! This is probably the first of multiple Hoya for me. :)


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Pretty plant! I live in Michigan, too, and the only time my old carnosa blooms is when I put it outside in the summer. No sun, though, just bright shade. Full sun would be too much for it. Right now, your soil is fresh and offering some plant nutrients, but I would start fertilizing with a balanced fertilizer to keep the plant growing well.

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You can certainly put your Hoya outside but bright shade would be best to start. Morning sun would be fine after the plant is slowly acclimatized. What you want to avoid is direct hot sun warming the leaves up enough to cause cell damage. if you have a tree that creates dappled shade then that would be perfect.
As for fertilizing, something balanced rotated with a bloom booster type (high middle #) will give the most benefit. Mix only 1/2 strength according to the label.


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Great! Thank you both!! I will plan to move it outside when it is warmer, under a tree. Also I'll start fertilizing as well.

Thanks again!

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