My hoya collection photos

edj886March 14, 2009

Hello guys,

I thought I share some of my hoya plants pictures with everyone. Hope you guys like them. Here we go.

This is a photo of my Hoya Kerrii. It has many blooms, cannot capture all on the photo.

A close-up on one of the hoya kerrii's bloom.

Here's another shot of the hoya's kerrii flowers up close. I like the umbrella shape.

This is a shot of my hoya cumingiana flowers up-close.

This is a photo of my lacunosa. So far it just won't stop blooming and the fragrant is really strong and nice.

A close up of the lacunosa.

Another close up, I think the fuzzy flowers are cute.

This is my hoya patella. There are two buds on the photo. A large and small one. Forgot to take a picture after the buds bloomed. I keep this is the bathroom and it's quite happy there.

Hope you guys enjoy the pics.

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golden_ca_2000(BC Canada)

B E A U T I F U L!!! You can share your photos with us any time! Keep em coming - Love em! One of my hoyas I have on order is lacunosa so I am so looking forward to getting it and having it flower so beautifully as yours. I can hardly wait to smell it's fragrance too! :0)

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Wow!! All your Hoyas are just beautiful!! The blooms are really pretty...thanks for sharing your pictures with us.

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Jan Sword

Great looking plants!!! Beautiful blooms & photos.. thanks for sharing.


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Oooooo... Lovely pics! My very first hoya was Kerrii. Are the blooms very sticky and makes stains?

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Hello Tammypie,

Yeah the hoya kerrii does drips quite abit, but only after the blooms are about to finish. But it's not quite as bad as I thought, the nectar is easy to clean with the wipe of a wet cloth. I had about 20 blooms at once on this plant - it was totally amazing! So I didn't mind cleaning up after. Suprisingly there were no ants.
Thanks guys for all your comments. When I have time, I might post more pics. I'm still waiting patiently for my serpens, multiflora (I'm losing hope), companulata, pink silver to bloom. My hoya krinkle is in buds now, should opened anytime soon, this will be it's third time in a row and this time I will capture the blooms. I remember last time, the blooms smells like chocolate - quite unusual.

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kellyknits(6/WV Eastern Panhandle)

Great photos! Thanks for sharing!

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Hi, I've decided to post more photos of my plants. These are not hoyas but some of my other oddity plants at home. Let me know what you think.

water mimosa or touch me not plant, when you touch its leaves, it closes.

my goldfish plant.

hoya krinkle, new buds just formed, this is about to open soon. can't wait to see the full bloom, will be it's third times in a row this year.

snail vine or cork-screw vine, highly perfumed plant.

a type of clematis starting with R, can't remember the full name, originated from Japan.

Another of my favourite plant, can't remember it's name right now.

A carion plant, I think the flower is quite unusual and it lasts for quite some time too.

My pitcher plant, can't remember what type of nepenthes this is.

Stephanotis floribunda in full bloom next to my hoya kerrii

Can't remember the name of this plant, but always blooming each year.

Another one of my favourite, a type of ceropegia, this one blooms twice a year for me.

A succulent I bought for $5 buck, looks like bear's paw up-close.

tacca chantrieri or black bat plant. Just bloomed not fully open yet, another flower bud follows but hasn't bloom. another favourite of mine.

Well that's all for now. there are much more, but I'll leave it for next time.

Hope you guys enjoy my plants collection.

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Wow!! They are all gorgeous!! I just received a Stephanotis floribunda for Valentine's Day...hoping it will bloom for me one day, your's is just beautiful!! Thanks for the pictures!!

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Isn't the carrion plant Stapelia variegata or something like that? A google search suggests I'm correct (don't ask me how I remembered that!). Although, from the moans I've heard from the carrion plant brigade, this name is probably now incorrect... who knows!

The red one looks like an amaryllis. My mother grows a lot of these at home and every year I hope she's going to buy me one, but no...

My hoyas nearer the window are starting to grow, but the other ones that haven't died have suffered a lot over the winter and I'm hoping that now "spring" is here, they will recover from looking a bit wilted. I look at some of them and worry...

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kellyknits(6/WV Eastern Panhandle)

Oh, love them all! I've been very partial to mimosa's - used to have one that attracted all sorts of hummingbirds! Have been wanting the snail vine for a while now!

If you can remember the specific names of the ceropegia or the clematis, I would love to know! Those look like must haves!

Great pictures, too!

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oldflowergirl(z5b BC)

Just stunning and very unusual plants and blossoms! Thanks for sharing. :D

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EDJ886 you have some really interesting plants flowering. The orange paper lantern belongs to a Physalis species. If you like this one try growing the seeds from Peruvian gooseberries if you can find them in the grocery store. The berries of this sp. are really great if the ends are dipped in raw sugar, you fold the paper husk back and it makes a nice decorative treat. The ground cherry is very similar and does better in colder climates with limited growing seasons, makes a nice jam as well.

Hills you are close but yes the name has changed to Orbea variegata.

Oldflowergirl the Ceropegia is a fairly common one in the specialty trade, Ceropegia ampliata.


Here is a link that might be useful: Ceropegia Journal

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Jan Sword

Great photos!

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Hi guys,

Thanks for all your comment. Thanks Mike for suggesting the Peruvian Goooseberries, I might actually look for it at the nurseries, althought from memory, I don't think I've come across any before.
Kellyknits, the purple clematis is called clematis Rouguchi.


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