Trellises on Sale

tigerdawn(7)March 27, 2011

Ok guys! The trellises I mentioned the other day are half off this week. That makes them $2.50 each. They are approximately 16" x 4.5". So basically if you can imagine these ones I have here:

But shaped more like this with just a ball on top.

That's what they look like. So if you are near a Hobby Lobby you might want to take a look this week. If you are not but would like some, let me know and I can ship some to you.

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They're nice! Do they all come in colors or are some unpainted?


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Hi Tigerdawn! I would love to try out a few of these... can you ship 4?.....Will pay all of your costs, etc.....Please let me know how to get payment to you....Thank you!!!!! Debbie

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Tigerdawn, thanks for posting! I just went to their website to check and see if there's any Hobby Lobby stores here in FL and one popped up to open in Ft. Meyers (2 hours south of me) on April 8th. Have family there so I'll be sure to check them out when I visit. Very first HL store to open in the state of FL...never been to one before.

Please post again "if" they do another 50% off sale that week in April...Thanks!!

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The trellises come in I believe yellow, blue, red, and green, in the pyramid shape with the ball on top. Hobby Lobby is closed on Sundays but I can make sure tomorrow on the colors and even get pictures.

Pug, Hobby Lobby is one of those places where you can be all day and never run out of things to look at. Well, if you're into crafts and art and stuff. DH really has no desire to go. Many people who work there do so because of the discount and they end up spending most of their paycheck there!

During spring, the garden stuff usually goes on sale every second or third week I think. They also have 40% coupons every other week. 40% off one item of regular price. So that's always an option if you just can't wait for the sale. And trust me, "emergencies" happen all the time!

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I tried to go by there yesterday. They are closed on Sundays. If I wasn't so busy every other day of the week then I would say that is a good idea.


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Debbie: I got 4 for you today. I will work on getting them shipped by the end of the week.

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