Bustin' Loose

Moccasin(z9aMobileAL)March 27, 2013

Here are my early risers this spring:

Ginsu Knife

Yellow Splash Rim + American Sweetheart

Red Dragon, Red Sox, and Diana Remembered

None Lovelier

Bibb Lettuce (Stuart Asch, NR)

Hadspen White (fragrant) et al

Sweet Marjorie (fragrant)

White Knight (fragrant)

Mascouten = Green Summer Fragrance

Candy Dish


Banyai's Dancing Girl

And we've had two nights counting tonight at freezing. Hope they all make it tucked beneath the big camellia sasanquas.

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Thanks for the current pics, Mocc. This'll help with the early-spring withdrawals. Look, Mocc! I got this from a new neighbor! A hostaholic has just moved in on my street! I had a small 'Guacamole' I started in the house, and I gave it to the neighbors for a 'Welcome' plant; Well, it seems my neighbor has a few started in his home as well! Surprised the heck outta me! It's a 'surprise' as to what variety it is, but my neighbor said I should be able to identify it without too much trouble in a few months...we'll see! A little nice indoor eye-candy....I think I got drafted to help him and his wife plant 250ish Hosta he took from his former residence...Should be fun...Thanks again for the beautiful pix, Mocc!

Don B.

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Beautiful 'Candy Dish'! One more for the wish list.

Don B.

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Note that there is a nice purple sock on your friendship plant. Last year, when I received Purple Boots from Naylor, they really looked like the tops of cowboy boots. Sort of the same look yours has.

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Yes indeed; Hmmm......Wouldn't that be a hoot if you just nailed the variety right off the bat! LOL Could be, but to be honest it doesn't (much) matter to me which one it is...What's important to me is that I have a new Hosta-Friend just down the street! They seem like very nice people, so hopefully a good friendship can be struck from this. In addition to just a few he's forced inside his house, he has literally over 200 industrial-strength garbage bags of still-dormant Hostas separated by cultivar he's chomping at the bit to get in the ground; I kinda exaggerated when I said I was drafted to help him and his wife plant his backyard...I actually said, "Well, if you need an extra back whenever you start planting, knock on my door, I'll help you plant 'em, no problem," He said "OK, how about this weekend?" LOL Oops! Seriously, it's OK, I'm itching to do some planting, and since I have only a couple Hosta to plant until my mail-orders get here, I truly am happy to help. It's Hostas, after all, and I can always learn something, too.

Your Hosta are looking good, Mocc, nice and vigorous...I hope I'll have some pics to share with the Forum in a few weeks or so.

I'm leaving work in a moment, I'm off until Monday, It should be dawn shortly after I get home, I'm gonna go finish (hopefully) a spot in my yard that's been a colossal waste of space (Going to turn the area pictured into a tiered Hosta bed, this is the BEFORE pic, I'm almost done)!

It's spring, it's getting warmer in Colorado...Time to get my yard lookin' great again! Cheers, Mocc! Have a fantastic day!

Regards Everyone!
Don B. (DONE with Winter)!
Westminster, CO.

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Aaah, I'm in such a hurry to leave this place I forgot the stupid pic.....Here we are...This is going to add a lot of new square footage for hosta beds, I'll post a pic when I'm done.

Don B.

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Another angle....

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gogirlterri(5 IL)

Aw Moc: you really know how to hurt an impatient girl suffering cabin fever..

ps: very nice and thanks. I ADORE the Xanadu-yum :o)

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Knock it off,mocc!! Winter has returned here in NC,and I'm worried that the ones I have with leaves may be in trouble. Lol! They used to get on me for showing hostas when the people up north had no hostas showing,but now you have taken over that role. Lol! Phil

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cyn427 (zone 7)

Oh golly! I am so ready. The 4 inches of snow we got Monday has melted and, although it is still cold, I think we may be due for a warm-up this weekend. That would be wonderful! If I can get out for even a couple of days during spring break, I will be happy. Boy Scouts should be delivering mulch soon (expected them last weekend). Hope it is decent stuff-I just couldn't turn them down! ;)

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I know....mea culpa....mea culpa.....but I could not resist.
This morning, our temp is currently 2 degrees cooler than in Massachusetts, so we're having our pre-Easter cool snap.

Notable also that last year, the Carolina wrens were here building a nest in my pig planter (the "Pig Family") about March 23d, and they are not interested in nesting right now. You cannot fool mother nature it seems....they won't start nesting until they know the weather is right.

Wish our scouts delivered mulch, not cookies. It would be a lot better for me that way. And Theresa, be sure to keep all the hoses out of Les' way this spring.

My pile of mini bark nuggets must be moved away from the pole for the bluebird box, do not want to ruin their approach to the box I'm about to remount for them. And the goldfinchs are molting into their beautiful golden colors, coming to my feeders here just in view out the window behind my computer monitor. I saw one yesterday who looked gloriously bright, hope we have lots more like him showing up. I guess this winter I used about 10 or more 35 lb bags of sunflower seeds for my feeders, and now lots of mulch from the shells to spread around. There are some fat little birds this spring!

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gogirlterri(5 IL)

My fave little birds are theTufted Tit-mouse. Or is it Tit-mice, -mouses, or amybe even -meeces as "I hate those meeces to pieces". Is that a Jerry quote, Ms. Librarian?

They are so adorable.

I watched one spring day as my sheep-type dog lay sleeping on my deck and a Tit-mouse would land, sneak up on her and grab a beak full of her volumes of shedding fur, and fly away to line her nest holllowed out in an old power pole. TJ never even knew she was being plucked. I had a really good laugh and less hair to brush from her coat. Sweet!
If someone develops a new hosta and names it "Tufted Tit-mouse" I'll never be able to pass on buying one.

Spring surely will be here soon in north-central IL - won't it?

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jan_on zone 5b

Some of you people sound positively euphoric! Good on ya! Mocc - all those green shoots warm my heart (and I too love Xanadu, and need an 'X' for next years alphabet).
re sunflower seeds and mulch - I have heard they contain the same chemical in Walnut trees that discourages many plants from growing. Fact or fiction?

Don - lucky lucky you - new neighbour is a hosta grower. Perhaps he'll be a new forum poster too, wanting to show off the new plantings for our appreciation and encouragement.

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leafwatcher(zone 5)

Well our snow is almost melted of AGAIN !

I think this weekend could start waking up the Hosta here.. As cool as it has been I don't know HOW they could be up in less than three weeks, probably four? Thats just a guess. but I am hoping we are far enough behind that we won't get any killer frosts.. Time will tell....

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Ludi _PA_7a

Ohhhh Mocc you tease us with your luscious foliage !!!

Lookin' good gurl :)

Where is that Elegans of yours ? Shying away from the southern heat ? Just like a lady.

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First of my Hosta that are in the ground showing a pip: 'Fried Green Tomatoes'!


Don B.
Waking Westminster, CO.

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Ludi, my Elegans is taking her time, won't come out until she is properly dressed I suppose. However, I placed her back on her pedestal. We'll see what happens with several nice warm days followed by several thunderstormy days beginning Easter Sunday.

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After the cold March we've had, most of mine are not even thinking about coming up, tho a few pips are poking up tentatively with the two warm days we've had after the snow and 20 degree weather.. Well, except for that indestructible small green species ground cover thing that comes up in late February, and Montana aureomarginata, which came up anyway, cold weather or not. It doesn't seem to be damaged, but the leaves aren't actually open yet. I think being covered with 4" of snow saved it.

But it's warmer now, and I'm looking forward to great gardening adventures this year!


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