Dropped peduncle. . . :(

maidinmontanaMarch 27, 2010

G'Mornin folks,

I was checkin my multiflora this morning and I noticed the oldest peduncle is laying in the pebble tray. It fell off. This peduncle has tried three times to flower, even got buds almost to the opening stage and then they all fell off. I took the advise from the folks here and that was to put a pebble tray under the plant and see if that didn't help. Well, since then I got two new peduncles and several new leaves.

Is it normal for a peduncle to fall off? It hasn't been bumped or anything. I'm curious as to why it would fall off.



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No need to worry, unlike many other Hoyas the peduncles of this species drop after they flower a few times. New peduncles will form at the axis of each new pair of leaves.


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geosdee(Zone 8 FL Panhandle)

Maid, my multiflora has dropped all of its peduncles, and then after about a month or 2 it started sprouting new again. Really a neat plant.


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OK I feel better now. . . thanks.

Since I had such a hard time getting this to complete a bloom cycle, I was sure it was something I was doing wrong. . .

I love this forum. . .


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