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hostaLes(5)March 18, 2012

OK, so I just spent most of my day green (well with both green and orange seperated by white)and was wondering about what Irish hosta photos everyone has?

Come on, show me your pics!

All hostas are either irish or want to be on St. Patrick's Day though I have never heard of an orange-one. My family comes from the south of Ireland, a couple of counties just west and a little south of Dublin County. So there is a green partiality and all green hostas have a special place in my irish heart. The Queen of the Seas had to been named Sharon or Coleen.


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Steve Massachusetts Zone 5b

Well there is always Orange Marmalade. Do you grow this one, Les?


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Ach, Hostales, for my DH who is first generation himself, I too am partial to the greens. I looked at the bare root plants early this morning on the deck beneath an umbrella, covered with droplets of dew, and they'd grown an inch overnight.

The MOST Irish will be H. 'Irish Luck' which isn't here yet.
I also have bare root H. 'Celtic Uplands' which seems to be a very aggressive grower. Plus I have 'Braveheart' just pipping from its small pot.

And although not officially the shamrock, I have oxalis in my flower beds already budding.

I think that 'Patriot' is a good Irish hosta.

And my Celtic heart loves this plant with no name, which I hope is my 'Satisfaction.'

The H.'Fragrant Dream' could be none other than the Fairy Queen Mab in Shakespeare's play A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM' and that is about as Irish as it gets. Here it is with 'Satisfaction' ... probably also 'Fragrant Queen' would qualify as Irish too, but sometimes the whole world is Irish.

Anyone for a wild shamrock or oxalis?

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I love the greens. They are perfect between the varigiated plants. I've ordered quite a few more this year including Celtic Uplands which I'm excited about. Moccasinlanding, have you got Terpischore? It's a gem. By the way, I'm not sure your unknown plant is Satisfaction. Mine seems more wavy and less pie crusted. The biggest difference is that my Satisfaction (and those on the library) have a bloom on the leav early in the season. Your picture above doesn't seem to have the bloom. Your plant is a beauty whatever it is.

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Beautiful--I hope to have my software problems worked out soon so I can post some of my photos. Last fall I was thrilled with the plant from Hallson's 'Q of the S'. Myrle, I bought a hosta years ago in Arkansas that was tagged Invincible and thought it was. But now I have it tagged NOID. It just doesn't have the shine,but it is a beautiful green hosta, and bears its blooms on scapes easily 4 1/2 feet tall and arching. It also is moderately rippled too. The plant is around 52" across and terrific looking. I thought of Royal Standard but that doesn't seem totally correct either.

No sense talking about it without pic. Last spring I planted Fried Green Tomatoes and by summer, for a new plant it put up quite a display of large leaves. Does anyone have a photo of a grown up FGT? I also planted a young Emerald Ruff Cut. Surely it would have to be planted in a hosta garden on the Emerald Isle!

Did I see Irish Eyes in Hostapedia?


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