cold hoya cuttings

preya.13March 6, 2012


I recently spent a lot of $ on 9 varieties of hoya cuttings. The shipping took just over a week and on the way they got cold! When they arrived many had all yellow leaves but were still firm. 2 have lost all leaves and were just sticks. 2 look green and healthy. I dipped them in KLN, a rooting horomone, then watered with super-thrive. One has dropped a leaf since, but no other change, but its only been 1 day. Anyone else have been through this? Will my cuttings live?? Advice/encouragement please!!

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Oh yes, I think we've all been there!
I get cuts like this in summer, so it's prolly just stress from shipping..

I'd root those naked stems anyhow. I've had great success rooting naked stems and have had them go on to grow new leaves...

Your cuts will ive. Sounds like a normal experience to me!

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I am a little less optimistic than Laura as I have had very poor results rooting bare vines. Cuttings that have been subject to cold are even less likely to respond well. I now wait until day time highs are about 10 degrees above freezing and then keep my fingers crossed.
Were the cuttings wrapped in plastic? Often times damage is made far worse when cuttings can't breath and they just rot. I have had problems with the loss of entire shipments when they were wrapped in plastic.


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Too bad, Mike! :-( I don't consider it dead until it's dry and brown inside.
If there's still green, I still try! I figure nothing ventured, nothing gained.
Esp when Preya spent so much $ it'd be a shame not to try... I had a bare vine of hoya chlorantha var. tutuilensis and it did nothing for a very long time, just looked dead... and one day I noticed a green tip on that bare naked vine. 'Iris Marie' did the same thing.

I just hope your cuts didn't get too cold, Preya, and there may be hope.

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Hey don't get me wrong I try to but just not much luck. I find that the bare cuttings either rot or dry up before roots form. I have also seen miraculous comebacks so it's always worth trying. :)


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Well I think that I can tell you for sure that if the stem are green, if it has the white sap inside the stem (cut a little to check) you may have a big chance to root them!!!!

It happens to me many many times, but not due to cold, due to dehydration or heat!

Good luck!


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Preya.13 I too just got some cold cuttings. I wonder if we got them from the same source. I'm really hoping that mine have a chance. Quite a few of them had translucent leaves and soft stems. I think some of the cuttings were to young to ship.


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What's happening with those cuts preya?

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Sometimes cuttings just get stressed, no matter how reputable your vendor is. I know this because I've gotten shaky plants before from sources I've had previous glowing success with. It does seem a bit early to be ordering cuttings, but on the other hand, I thought shipping small Hoya plants over the winter would be dicey, but I received many highly successful shipments from Joni this winter, most without heat packs! I think when they're established and potted, they can handle a bit of unexpected shock much better. On the other hand, I think cuttings really need gentle traveling conditions. Not too hot or too cold - not just at your destination, but en route, too.

You can pull off cuttings with few or no leaves, but I agree with Mike that it's lower odds. I think it's best to just stick all the really weak cuttings together in a pot, give them optimal conditions, and see what happens. Hoyas can really surprise you, but it is probably not worth the effort of setting up perfect little pots and labels and everything yet. Like I do, followed by running off into the corner crying when they go ahead and die despite my furious optimism. ^_~

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