amberlynn1986March 27, 2014

hi guys, i had a horrible run in a while back with a bank hacker so i had to change all of my info and one was my email. you may remember me as amber_m, but i had to create a new account... i wanted to pop in and say hi to everyone and update you all on how i have been. as most of you know, the north east has had a horrible winter, and due to the fact that ive had my pellet stove up as high as it will go for much longer than i ever have before and due to it being so dry, i have lost all of my hoyas. i have a few of the heartier ones hanging on for dear life but i dont know if they will make it either. due to this, and just because its so hard to grow them right here in upstate new york i think im throwing in the towel on hoyas, at least for now. the hubbie still talks about building me a green house some day, so maybe ill be able to have a more comfortable home for them, but for now i just cant do it. it takes too much out of me to give them so much love and care and attention to just have them die in the winter. hope everyone is doing good, send me a message or email if you would like. i think i might check out passiflora (passion flower) and see if maybe they are easier to grow, ive always wanted one.

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Oh noes! Sorry you had such bad luck. Maybe more succulent hoyas are ok going forward? And the mix that does not dry out too fast? And humidity trays with good capacity, so they do not have to be refilled too often when it's very dry?

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> send me a message or email if you would like.

I just wanted to do that, but you have to check the box in settings somewhere to allow that. I know you said you're giving up, but I wanted to offer you a couple of cuttings as a gift to make you feel better. H. brevialata, wayetii and DS-70 can all be cut into. Email me plz.

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im sorry i had forgotten to allow email! i have that fixed now, for anyone else who wants to chat through email.

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