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denise_gwMarch 9, 2014

Yeah, we're always trying to invent new ways to grow our plants! I look back through my old plant magazines from the 70's and see all kinds of interesting ways to display plants, to bring them into our environment in an aesthetically pleasing way.

So the other day, I was "restocking" my toilet tissue tower I got last summer after I remodeled my bathroom. It's a pretty thing - who says functionality has to be bland? (See the photo below...) Well, my head went to, "Hey, wouldn't this make a GREAT place to grow a Hoya that likes to climb and twist and wind? It would accommodate up to a 5.5" pot, and imagine how interesting it would look after a few seasons of twining around the wires. It's certainly not practical to do a bunch of Hoyas (price-wise, that is), but it would be fun to do a special one that you might want to display in one of your favorite spaces... I'm thinking micrantha might do well - it seems to want to twine. What others might do well this way?

Denise in Omaha

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Denise, I think that is a very clever idea! Any small leaved Hoya would look incredible in that container. Even if the plant did not twine, they could be easily tied or discretely clipped. I'm thinking that H. chinghungensis would be an ideal candidate for that outside the box trellis. Now the question is where would one find such a paper holder?


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puglvr1(9b central FL)

I agree, what a great idea! Love it for the toilet paper too,lol...

Let us know what Hoya you decide to grow one to see it when you pick it out.

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Haha. That's definitely a good idea - it's like the trellises the Swedes use, except more ornate. It would be nice if all trellises were like that, so that the pot sat in them. It would make everything less tippy.

Scrambling Hoyas⦠I always forget which ones they are. But then you go to water your plants and end up untwining the same little dudes over and over again.

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