Your Favorite Mildred Seaver Introductions?

don_in_coloradoMarch 23, 2014

I only have one on order, 'Sea Monster' that will get here in a few weeks. I love the way it looks. Another I plan to get is 'Sea Gulf Stream'. She has created and introduced hundreds of great hostas, it seems. I apologize as I hate starting a thread and not having pics to add; If you have any of M. Seavers' hostas, I'd be grateful if you would be willing to post pics of her plants here. She was one of the best hybridizers of hostas, and I'm learning that her work was prolific, she could have a multi-acre plot filled with just her hostas, some shade trees and some companion plants, and it would be an amazing sight to behold,no doubt.

Will you show us any fine examples of her work that you've been growing in YOUR gardens? I don't know if we ever had a thread in honor of Mildred Seaver, but I know we can make a great one.

Any pics you want to post, please, fire away! : )

Thank so much, everyone...

Best Regards,

Don B.

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My favourites are Queen of the Seas and Sea Lotus Leaf.

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bernd ny zone5

H. 'Queen of the Seas' here. Bernd

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Cannot post pics now, but Sea Gulf Stream AND QOTS.

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There are many great beauties in this collection. Here is a complete (?) list I found

Mildred's Lasting Legacy
Allan P. McConnell
Allen C. Haskell
Blue Plate Special
Bold and Brassy
Christmas Gold
Christmas Tree
Daughter of Ledi Lantis
Diane Gray Dalton
Diane's Fancy
Doctor Bill-Bob
Don Juan
Don Quixote
Don Stevens
Dragon Lady
El Dorado
Golden Rule
Green Whiskers
High Noon
Hold the Phone
Hugs and Kisses
Humpback Whale
Imperial Moth
Ivory Pixie
Komodo Dragon
Lucy Vitols
Mabel-Maria Herweg
Marvelous Millie
Muriel Seaver Brown
Pike's Peak
Queen of the Seas
Red Salamander
Reflected Glory
Richard Taylor
Richmond streaked
Sea Angel
Sea Angel Wings
Sea Aquarius
Sea Beacon
Sea Biscuit
Sea Blue
Sea Blue Leather
Sea Blue Monster
Sea Bubbles
Sea Bunny
Sea Current
Sea Dragon
Sea Dream
Sea Drift
Sea Ebony
Sea Fire
Sea Foam
Sea Frolic
Sea Gentian
Sea Gold
Sea Gold Dust
Sea Gold Star
Sea Grotto
Sea Gulf Stream1999
Sea Gull
Sea Hero
Sea High Noon
Sea Lightning
Sea Lotus Leaf
Sea Mermaid
Sea Mist
Sea Monster
Sea Nautilus
Sea Nymph
Sea Octopus
Sea Peridot
Sea Prize
Sea Sapphire
Sea Slate II
Sea Sprite
Sea Sunrise
Sea Thunder
Sea Tornado
Sea Waves
Sea White Gold
Sea Wiggles
Sea Yellow Sunrise
Spilt Milk
Spinning Wheel
Split Personality
Streaked Regal
Sun Disk

Some of my best are below. What an interesting variety she gave us.

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josephines123 z5 ON Canada

Hi, Don! Great idea for a thread!

I am happy to say that I have two of Mildred Seaver's hosta...QOTS and Spilt Milk, both new last year. Looking forward to growing these beauties to a substantial size.

McTavish, your hosta are gorgeous! Which hosta do you happen to have paired with Komodo Dragon? It's on my list from last year and will likely make it to my garden. :-)

Queen of the Seas

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josephines123 z5 ON Canada

I'll have better pics this year,'s Spilt Milk with milky streaks barely noticeable, but they are there. Placement of this one is key this year to retain the blue.

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josephines123 z5 ON Canada great of you to list the Seaver hosta saved me time looking! I would have forgotten SM. if I had relied on my memory! :-). This list will definitely assist the rest of us.

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I have a few of Mildred Seaver's - Christmas Tree, Komodo Dragon, Lucy Vitols, Queen of the Seas, Sea Fire, Sea Gulf Stream and Split Milk. I really do plan on getting a digital camera this year and learning how to use it and post pictures.

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Babka NorCal 9b

First of all, sorry for all your cold weather back East. (everyone is East of me here in CA).

Spring is here for me. Queen Josephine is one of my all time favorites and one of a very few shiny leaved hostas. QOTS is still unfurling but will be majestic this year for me. My Komodo Dragon is just now sending up pips. Here are some picks from a few minutes ago.


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Steve Massachusetts Zone 5b

Great thread, Don.

Of course Mildred famously allowed the bees to do her hybridizing work for her. But she was not above giving them some direction. She was known to have surrounded her breeders with pollen parents that she wanted to use. Thus she probably had some sense of what the parents of her seedlings were. But, of course, you can't be sure, so most of her hybrids are registered as parentage unknown.

I did not know Mildred, but she was reputed to have been quite a character. I have seen pictures of her in her "Spilt Milk" hat at one of the conventions. Many of the current members of the NEHS knew her well, visited her garden, and received plants directly from Mildred. All of them have Mildred stories. One thing for sure is that she had a great eye for plants, and was a prolific hybridizer.

The most popular of her plants are among my favorites also. Queen of the Seas, Komodo Dragon, Christmas Tree and Sea Gulf Stream are all great garden plants that should be in any serious collection. But the one a lot of people like to use in hybridizing is Sea Blue Monster. This picture is from the Goodenough garden.


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I see 6 or 7 I guess I have from the list Myrle submitted. High Noon from June 2014 ( second year)

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sea thunder

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another one of High Noon

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Wow, great responses, thanks everyone. I didn't realize 'Christmas Tree' was a teamwork introduction from Vaughn AND Mildred Seaver. Guess I should "lurn two reed" : P. Obviously, it's right there in the library. I have 'Christmas Tree', actually. It's one of my favorites; I love everything about this hosta.

Don B.

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Lucy Vitols a Mildred Seaver?
I had no idea!
It is one of my favorite hosta, being strong and constant and asking no special treatment.

I got mine from Don Rawson, who only provides prime plants to begin with. So it had a great beginning. Blooming last June.

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I have 'Christmas Tree' and 'Spilt Milk'. Both are beautiful.

'Christmas Tree'

Spilt Milk

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Lucy Vitols hasn't really inspired me all that much, although it is certainly thick. It did inspire Mildred Seaver though, and Mark Zilis wrote in his handbook that she often remarked that it may have been her best hosta creation.

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bkay2000(8a TX)

Obviously, QOTS is my favorite Seaver hosta. One got Cleo'd in 2012, and survived by a thread. So, I bought another in 2013, just in case the one Cleo mangled didn't survive. Then, at the end of the season in 2013, I bought 2 on the season close-out at 2 for 1 and planted them together. So, it appears that I have three QOTS. That's interesting.

All I have to show of Seaver is pips. That, however, is not too interesting.

I have Komodo Dragon (maybe did not survive the winter), and Humpback Whale. I'll figure out what to do with it when it gets too big for the pot.


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Pieter zone 7/8 B.C.

I don't have many of Mildred's progeny, matter of fact just one, but one of my favourite Hostas has to be 'Sea Octopus'.

It's a great grower, rather floriferous, and fertile. A fairly early riser, mine are pipping right now. I have a number of seedlings from it, one of which I call "C. Angel", a cross with 'Earth Angel'.

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Here is my Christmas Tree. This was one of the first hostas I bought before I started collecting.

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In reading portions of Diane Grenfells revised ed. Of New Ency. Of HOSTA, she says there is no HOSTA comparable to Queen of the Seas in size or style. This edition features garden photos of our continent as much as Gr Br. Any previous bias is not there, as far as I can tell. What with her discussion of certain problems , like southern blight, I may opt to buy a copy for convenience. I checked this one out from the library.

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mountainy man z8 Ireland

Mocc, I got a copy of this book recently as well as her earlier "The gardeners guide to growing hostas". The earlier book is pretty good but is written for a european market where the new book is much more universal. I like the way it is organised into sections on each leaf colour and type of variagation rather than just alphabeticaly, it makes comparing similar hostas easier.

I don't have any of Mildred Seaver's hostas yet but I see a QOTS and a Komodo Dragon in my near future.

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Josephine, here is the area of the garden where I have Komodo Dragon. The Black Hills, Maui Buttercups and Cherub have always been there. The other ones are often moved around. The second picture shows a couple of the moves later last summer. I can see already that I'll be moving the border forward to get a little more room in this prime growing spot. Eventually Climax will have to move too. Who needs lawn?

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josephines123 z5 ON Canada

McTavish - thank you for catching my question....Komodo Dragon is ruling in that spot! What stunning garden beds you have, not to mention your heavenly environment.


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Such a fine chat going here.
Thanks, MtMN, for explaining the orientation of Grenfells first book as Euro centric.And yes, the. color organization is helpful. SO OS having new HOSTA alongside the older ones. I am a bibliophile of the worst kind.

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