Dangerous reading

luvidaho_2010(5/6)March 31, 2012

Reading old posts on this forum puts your budget in extreme danger! Over the last few months I have been reading the old posts here when current posting is slow. All of the comments about "this or that" hoya have caused me to quickly look it up. If I like the hoya it is added to my overflowing gotta have that one list.

This has resulted in 3 (yes THREE!) orders from Joni, 2 this month. I am ducking my head in shame at this moment.

The good news is- Joni's April sale starts tomorrow!!!!!


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Haha, that is how I attempt to get away with purchasing a new plant, I just tell Hubby I saw a picture of the same plant on Gardenweb and I had to have it!


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Planto, I keep showing hubby pictures of other peoples set up for plants, he doesn't seem to think I need anything like them. I figure when he can't see the TV anymore he will build a greenhouse for me! LOL

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lol Tami. I so love reading posts like this. It reminds me of when I first joined GW and it was like I was trying to keep anyone else from getting any of Joni's plants. And I was buying so many cuttings from Aleya and TG etc that I had to build three rooting aquariums and I still didn't have enough space to accommodate them!

So you are totally among friends. :P My heart is doing a bit of a thumpity thump just thinking about the "unwrapping new Hoyas" high.

Let us know what you end up snagging in the April sale. xD

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I purchased a H. Pauciflora from Joni this year. It's doing OK I just need to learn how to know it's requirements.


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GG I can completely understand the thumpity thump feeling of unwrapping new hoyas. My second order arrived yesterday! It is like Christmas and your birthday all rolled into one. As before, the plants arrived in great shape, such cute little beggars.
I am not confident enough to buy cuttings, maybe someday I will try them but not yet. I am trying to stick with hoyas that I read are "easy for beginner". Joni was kind enough to make some suggestions for beginner friendly plants. I must admit though, some of those hoyas with the unusual leaves are really tempting!

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Totally! Even though I know what's inside, I subconsciously hold my breath, just like a little kid about to be surprised.

And to be fair, it really is hard to see what makes a particular Hoya special even from the best of photographs.

So these 'unusual leaves'... are you thinking something like caudata and sigillatis or more along the lines of callistophylla and finlaysonii?

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The weird veined leaves mostly-callistophylla and finlaysonii.
I really want cinnamomifolia and nong nooch not only for the leaves but the blooms. Beautiful combination of the best of both, in my opinion.
I have ordered a webergia, hasn't arrived yet, another hoya opening party for me! I recieved rotundiflora yesterday.

I had to look up caudata and sigillatis, very nice, two more to add to my list, thanks a lot! My hubby is going to take away my computer privileges if I am not careful! LOL

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caudata and sigillatis are known to be a little more temperamental (although not really terrors, imo) so I would wait on them a teeny bit. Totally go for the veined leaf bunch for now! callistophylla, finlaysonii, cinnamomifolia, nong nooch, the whole gang ... they are not difficult Hoyas. They may not be the toughest of the bunch but they are very very typical mainstream Hoyas in terms of their needs. H. rotundiflora is a great one for unique leaves but simple needs and I would also recommend siamica and kunming kina in that regard. And maybe cagayanensis/pimenteliana? Shimmery leaves. :3

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I have put the veined leaf ones mentioned on my wish list at Joni's, can't wait to find a nong nooch. I definitely want to do well with the ones I have before I try any that are considered temperamental. That doesn't mean I won't drool over all the pictures posted here though!

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New to hoya, so please forgive the question...

Who is Joni? And is there a link for us newbies to follow?

I have one hoya publicalyx which is about 20 years old. Just took a cutting off it and that is growing rather nicely now.

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penfold2(4b, MN)

Joni runs srqhoyas.com. She has a lot to pick from and comes very highly recommended around here.


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ssyarkc, Joni is very helpful, answered all of my questions. I felt very confident ordering from her. The website is easy to navigate, a very good thing for a computer challenged person such as myself.:)

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I received my April order! I am very pleased with the plants. The box looked like the postal workers had played soccer with it but the plants were pack so well that they were fine.
I received:
H. lamingtoniae
H. cagayanensis
H. davidcummingii
H. aff. diversifolia 'Anthony'
H. webergiae (collected by Carol Noel)
H. aldrichii
H. anulata
H. laconosa 'Tove'
H. walliniana
H. nicholsoniae
H. siamica
H. finlaysonii
H. motoskei

GG, you can see that your influenced some of the ones I chose! I have put myself into time out, I am not allowed to visit Joni's site again this month. *sigh*

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Tami...congratulations...you made some fabulous choices! I have all of them and like them all. Be careful with H. lamingtoniae...do not let it dry out!! Keep as evenly moist as possible. All of your plants like bright light. What a great group of hoyas!! Fondly, Patrick

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I appreciate the tip for lamingtoniae Patrick. I will watch it closely. They are all settling in, adjusting to the major climate change.

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Yeah... found that one out the hard way :( I need to replace mine now. /cry I really liked that one.

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