thick applesauce

KSprairieAugust 23, 2014

I BWB canned 7 qts of applesauce per NCHFP's recipe on Thursday and froze 6 qts.
It seemed like there was SO much liquid in the sauce when I was filling jars. Now that I look at the jars, the applesauce is much thicker, not runny at all when jars are tipped. There looks like some little air pockets as well.
I think I remember reading a thread here on adding lemon juice to your applesauce, but the NCHFP recipe does not call for it, so I did not add any.
Should I be concerned about the thickened sauce, air pockets, and no lemon juice??
Thank you.

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

The lemon juice is a relatively new recommendation. Ball Complete Book includes it NCHFP does not. Your choice for now but it also helps preserve the color so is a good thing to do.

Too thick applesauce is a common problem for many. It always needs to be thinner, more soupy, going into the jars than we think it should be. We have to force ourselves to make it thinner - put a big sign on the fridge - "Soupy Sauce -It will get thicker!!!" :)

If processed for the full time it will be safe to eat because of the natural acidity but have a shorter shelf life before darkening from the air. Mark the jars and use them up first. Of if less than 24 hours you can reprocess it and thin it out at the same time. Some use water, I use apple juice to thin mine down.


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Sounds good. Thank you for clarifying. I am sure my family will eat it right up anyway. So much for saving it for winter! We will continue to process more apples this fall, so I will be sure to make my next batches THINNER and add the lemon juice.
I hope you are not tired out from all of the questions I have, Dave. I seem to have a lot recently. Thanks so much. :)

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