Petting Zoo manure for new Nursery.

EcopalAugust 2, 2012

Hey Everybody

There is a video on YouTube called how to compost manure in thirty days. It basically shows you how to speed up the composition of fresh manure using only water and black plastic. I would like to know if this could actually work. The reason is because Urban Paradise is starting a nursery at Amelia Earhart Park and because there is a petting zoo at the park I suggested using the cow, goat, pig, chicken and horse manure as a source of fertilizer for our plants. It would be great if this could be ready for our garden in only thirty days but I could really use someone who has more experience in this area.

P.S. When they deliver the manure to us its mixed with bedding and all the different animal manures mixed together. Is that a problem? Also is pig manure O.K.

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jenniferinfl(9B Florida)

I'm not exactly an expert here, but how fast things compost tends to vary quite a bit, at least for me. It is still worth a try and even if it does take longer you still have it to use for future plantings.
I would hesitate to use pig manure from a commercial meat producing establishment, but I wouldn't hesitate to use it from a petting zoo or small hobby farm. The bedding is beneficial too so long as it is stuff like straw and sawdust.
I'm sure the video you saw either recommends turning it a lot or sticking in vent pipes, those things help speed it up. You can get what's called a compost thermometer if you plan to do this regularly, when the center of the pile is pretty much air temperature than it's done. It's hot when it's not done, even around 140-150 degrees.

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