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moonwolf_gwMarch 13, 2013

Hi everyone,

Mom and I went into Wal-Mart last night and lo and behold, there were EA plants right there at the entrance on a shelf. They had two different types of Hoyas: Hindu Rope, and Lacunosa Snow Caps! So, I snatched up a Snow Caps (of course). However, while the leaves are heavily flecked, some of them on the other Snow Caps plants had a reddish tint to it. Could it be that I got a Royal Flush instead? Either way, I am happy to have it!

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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Great catch Brad!! I'm glad you posted this. I was just posting a reply to someone new to the forum who was wondering where to get Hindu rope!! I love those as much as you love Lacunosa! Lol. But I'm very happy for you. It makes us Hoya Lovers have a great day when we find a Hoya! I got a new carnosa for Valentines Day, that turned out to have mealies. So remember to look it over good!!


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Thanks for the info, Brad! I'm the one Teisa is referring to, who is searching for the Hoya Rope. I plan to check out our Walmart in the next day or two.

Thanks again and congrats on your find! I'm new to Hoyas, but I googled the one you bought, and it looks like a beautiful plant!!


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As promised, here are a couple pictures of my new lacunosa. It's leaves are very, very splashy. Sorry for the quality as I'm still using my old camera.

Whole plant

Some of the splashier leaves. I wish my Pink Silver looked this way!

Any deductions of what lacunosa this may be are very much appreciated! Thank you!

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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Grrrr or gawd....I don't know which to use! Perhaps if I knew what I was looking at I would have picked one up at WM this a.m. A few days ago I found a Hoya rope, Hoya rubra, and Hoya carnosa at WM which of course I
had to buy.
Good find. I guess I'm going back into town tomorrow.

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That's a nice lacunosa, Brad. Congratulations on the find - those leaves look very splashy! Lacunosa will always be a favorite of mine because of the cute little flowers and the lovely scent. And of course because it flowers so willingly!

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Thank you, everyone!

I LOVE lacunosa as well. I have another EA lacunosa "Ruby Sue" that I have had for a while but no flowers on it yet. However, I have no doubt that it'll blossom once it becomes warmer and it's outdoors for the summer, as will the one pictured above :-).

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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I think if you end up seeing distinct red tones on your plant (I think from what you said, you don't see them currently...) it is a Royal Flush. My Snow Caps stays very green and cream. No red at all.

During certain times of the year, it's hard for me to tell my lacunosas apart, but during the winter I can see the differences clearly. Maybe you will have the same experience, and the nature of your plant will be illuminated in time. I'm sure you'll enjoy it regardless, so congrats!

I know you've seen this picture before, but here's a reference photo for other people who might be interested in seeing the difference themselves.

Clockwise from left: Ruby Sue, Royal Flush, Snow Caps

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Thank you for the picture, GG! I am having a hard time telling my two EA lacunosas apart as well. Once they get in stronger sunlight outdoors this summer, I'll be able to tell for certain.

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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