Early Morning Light, Proliferations, etc....

najoba(8b)September 6, 2012

Below are miscellaneous photos, including scenes from our daylily garden before and after we had the wood fence removed. The daylilies in the two back rows were not thriving and blooms were very small, even though they did receive at least 6 hours of sunlight. We have already noticed a return to normal bloom size now. We are also enjoying the view of the water and fountain, too!

(I do not understand Photobucket. I cannot upload photo #2 and have it be same size as photo #1.)

Spring 2012

September 2012

Four proliferations (one is blooming) on a seedling scape, September 6

Proliferations growing in an improvised "water bed."

Bonzai Gardenia (growing too big for its "britches")

I think the gardenia either needs to be moved to a bigger container, or what? So far, it is quite happy.


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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

Bigger container.I sure do like your flower beds. very nice. Looks like open range for the deer.


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Actually, Jean, we aren't bothered with deer here. I saw a buck once running across the road which is behind the trees in the back, but it's quite developed around our area. During winter, I can see houses all back there where you see the trees. Coming here from the country, I miss the open spaces, but this fence helps. It gives us something to look out upon instead of the wood fence.

We did have a raccoon problem until I learned to not feed our cat outside.


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Love that new fence it's gorgeous. I agree with Jean I also like your beds and the DL's look like they like them to.

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

wow,I would have left that fence up.its protection for your flower beds..Them racoons can be a problem too.I dont have a cat outside no more to feed, but, I have a litle water fountain on my porch that one of my daughters bought me for mother's day,and the coons come up on the porch at night and wash their feet in it and drink some too, i guess, becasue several rimes i went out early morning and my fountain is dry and not working, and I hurry up and add water in it and it starts working again.


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dementieva(Zone 9 - Houston)

Was the old fence blocking morning sunlight?


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Julia NY(6)

I like the new fencing setup. Seeing the view of the water and fountains is definitely a plus. All of it looks really nice and well kept.


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Yes, Nate, they didn't get sun until after 9 A.M.

I have some daylilies planted in the front of our house which is on the west side with no sun until around 10 or 11. While they are doing O.K., they haven't multiplied. They did bloom well, though. Seedlings planted in a direct horizontal line with them on the other side of our driveway receive full sun all day and are doing great.

Jean, the raccoons might be coming in to get water but so far they haven't dug up any daylilies this year. Last year, every time my husband would plant a new daylily, it would be dug back up the next day and laid down neatly next to the hole. The board fences was all around our back yard, but they managed to find a way in somehow. We did trap and relocate some and that ended our raccoon problem for the time being.

I have noticed we now have a lot more grasshoppers!


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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

I like the open look. Much better view than just looking at a wooden fence.

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