An Awesome Spring Day!

moonwolf_gwMarch 19, 2010

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to comment on this nice spring day here in PA! A nice breeze going through and the windows are open to enjoy it! All my hoyas and other houseplants are enjoying it too after being stuffed up in the house all winter long. BTW, the first day of spring is tommorrow!

Hope it's nice where you're at!

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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I am doing the same thing too. Just beautiful.

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We have been basking in 14-18 degree Celsius days all week here in Southern Ontario, just beautiful weather.
Tomorrow is the local Orchid Society's show so I am off to help set up and hopefully to nice weather will bring lots of visitors to the show.


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Mike, I hope the OS show is a sucess!

Call me crazy, but I even dared to put 4 experemental hoyas out in the shade. I'll bring them in tonight, as I don't want them to get cold (it's been in the low 50's or so at night here). Plus a moonflower seed (experiment) is setting outside as well. Two days coming up that will be in the 40's but will go back up into the 50's after that.

It's in the 70's right now and breezy. I'd say it was spring for sure!

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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Our first day of spring here in OK will come with the second record breaking blizzard of the year. Some are predicting 15" of snow. The animals and I have been making the most of the nice afternoons and me being off work due to a respiratory infection.

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Well, it did snow last night, but just a little bit. It's warmed up considerably over the day and it's supposed to be just beautiful for the next few days at the least. Sadly no plants are going outside yet as the deck is covered in garbage and tools and whatnot as I'm renovating my house.

Don't wany any plants caked in dust, knocked over or heaven forbid sliced with a table saw (unlikely but ya never know).

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Tigerdawn - your dog and cat look like they don't have a care in the world! And your bunny is picture perfect. I hope you feel better soon.

Brad - I thought of you the other day at the big box store ,,, they had a ea rope hoya in a 6" pot. It was cute as a button! I wondered what you ever decided on that one.

Yeah, my old carnosa is REALLY looking forward to spring too ,,, he told me he wants out of the house and back outside. ;)


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Tigerdawn, I love the pictures! I hope you feel better soon! How's your grandmother's carnosa buds doing?

Jennifer, I'm all out of room to get a rope. However, I got a varigated (Mauna Loa) cutting in a trade that will be going to a friend. How's your carnosa? Any signs of buds?

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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