What are you doing in my house?!

greedygh0stMarch 29, 2012

Over in the ignorata thread I started to get us derailed, but I thought the side topic of how our tastes change was kind of entertaining.

So, what Hoya(s) do you currently have in your home that you once told yourself you'd NEVER acquire?

Personally, like Aggie, or somewhat more extremely, I swore up and down I'd never grow H. kerrii. I mean, initially I liked its cute little heart leaves and Sweetheart monicker. But before I acted on that impulse, I started hearing about how hard it was to control, and see pictures of some of the awkward ways people's kerrii's decide to grow. And I told myself: Really?! You need this PITA Hoya in your life? No. Not going there.

Then when I visited Joni I saw her Chariot's Choice and well basically begged her on bended knee for some kerrii action. So now here I am, with a kerrii that I love.

So, what about you? Did you get a fussy caudata, or some funny Dischidia, or half a dozen giant rigida, or an addiction to those Hoyas with the little ball flowers that you used to think were boring?

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GG, I love your story about H. kerrii. Right now those are my thoughts about kerrii exactly --- I don't want it in my house if it grows that fast and takes up that much space, LOL!

In answer to your question, I'd have to say wayetti. I just am not attracted to hoyas with skinny leaves. But then, I saw an EA plant on sale and voila, I have wayetti. But am I allowed to say this... I still don't think it's very attractive! perhaps it's its growth habit? Yet as I'm writing this, I realize that davidcummingii has similar leaves, and that has to be one of my favorites. Sorry if I am not making any sense here! I am confusing myself :)

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Wow Hoya kerrii has a bad reputation. I have to admit that I have never wanted a kerrii other than perhaps the fuzzy leafed form. I was given my kerrii by a friend from the orchid society or else I would still be kerrii-less. I admit that it's a bit of a space hog because it just goes where it wants but I have pretty much clipped mine to the plant stand and it get ignored there in the blazing sun, we're on good terms now. lol
I think Hoya obovata is another that I have no real interest in growing. I really do have a love for the unusual and would be far more likely to hunt down a little mini species with microscopic flowers than a more common type that secretly wants to take over the grow space.

Lightning I think you will be amazed with those narrow leafed Hoyas once they put on some significant growth. The overall look of a big mature Hoya with thse narrow leaves all pointing towards the ground is pretty awesoma and surprisingly delicate.


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Swore I didn't want shepherdii. Then I got kentiana, wayetti, and longifolia. Just ordered sheperdii from Pike Lake Greenhouses earlier this spring.... *sigh*

So our tastes do change. Last year I said I wasn't interested in that leaf form... so much for that!

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Any of the pubicalyx's.

Then a generous lad sent me a piece of Pink Silver (which I adore). One of these days I'm gonna wake up with it wrapped around one ankle or some other body part.

Now I'm eyeing another of the pubicalyx's (pubicalyxes?). God help me, where in tarnation am I going to put that? Casa Klyde ain't gettin' any bigger.

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