W's part 2 and Y and Z

mizellie(z7 Al)September 29, 2013

I don't have X's and only 2 of the others so I will post them while the bucket is working...Ellie

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Lets finish this up.

Wild Red Heart:

Whistlers Sister:

Wild Apple Autumn:

Winyah Embers:

Westbornes Oranges For Christmas:

Wild Child:

Westburnes Sunset Romance:

My one Y is Yo Big Mouth:

And, My only Z is Zahadoom:

And that is all.


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Waitforspring(6 MA)

I missed one of my W's and I have a couple of Y's--no z's.

That's all folks.

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Maryl zone 7a

One of my favorite true daylily pinks: Yesterday Memories......Maryl

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

wow, there is sure some pretty ones to eand the list.Wolfpack kid is a beauty. Wren's Song is a beauty, too. and I love.yesterday memories. such a pretty pink..


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Brad KY(6b)

Here's a W
Wind Frills

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Brad KY(6b)

I have one Y--a tiny 2 inch flower that only gets about 2-4 buds each year. You Angel You. It is also supposed to be a double, but doesn't double. I usually get rid of such poor bloomers, but it is so unique I have kept it. [the fact that it doesn't double is fine by me-not into doubles].

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mizellie(z7 Al)

Looks like I double posted some and missed others BUT You all posted some of them so I thank you all for posting your beautiful photos. I am badly stressed now so I will quit. Ellie

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