cpawl(8)March 28, 2010


I came home Friday morning to find some of my hoyas blooming.

And bella is just full of flowers but I just cant get a good photo.

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golden_ca_2000(BC Canada)

Very Beautiful photos. What is the name of the first one? Which variety?

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Lucky you, I wish I can see and touch one in real life :(

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Hi Golden
I have all ways thought the plant was either pachyclada or subquintuplinervis. I have 3 and the flowers all different from each other.But I now see in the new liddle offerings she has listed Aff. subquintuplinervis chutachuck market. This is where I have gotten all 3 of mine so not sure.
This plant market(people in Bangkok just call it jj market)is every Wednesday and Thursday.It is a very large out door market and I can only last about 1.5 hours before I give in to the heat and with me sweating into my eyes.


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geosdee(Zone 8 FL Panhandle)

I love the first one Cindy, can you take a picture of the leaves? I want to compare it to my pachyclada, I received mine from Gardino's. I am just amazed how much the multiflora blooms and grows.


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puglvr1(9b central FL)

How pretty! I love the Pachyclada or whatever it turns out to be. I have a Pachyclada and hoping to get a flower soon? Thanks for sharing! Welcome Back!

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Yes Cindy I would love to see the leaves of your mystery Hoya as well. I got a Hoya pachyclada from Thailand with the dark centered flower as well so I wonder if it is the same as yours. The center of your plant's blooms look purple,gorgeous colour combination.


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Thanks guys,Jet leg has really set in so I will try to take some more pics tomorrow.I have three plants one has white flowers,one has dark pink/red center and this one.


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Here are the photos of the leaves.They have a very deep middle line.

And the back of the leaf.

This is the leaf of my pink/red one.

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Cindy thanks for posting those photos. My plant resembles the first two photos. Do you water your plant often or grow it hard with bright light and little water? I try to let mine dry out completely so that it keeps it's succulent appearance.


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Hi Mike
In winter I have the plants about 6inchs from my grow lights and in the summer I have theses hoyas outside facing west.
During the winter I let the plants dry out before giving water.If I give to much water the steams get mushy and i have to cut back to good steam.I give a little bit more water in the summer.
I have also found that if these hoyas don't get enough light they get leggy.


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