What kind of Hoya is this?

jkc1023(7)March 30, 2013

Hi Everyone,
There is a plant on ebay that the seller claims is a Hoya pubera but when I look at a pubera online, the flowers are entirely different! The only reason why I care is because a received a bunch of cuttings from a friend's plant and hers looks identical to the one being sold on ebay. Her foliage is very small, one to one and a quarter inch long, and with whitish carnosa-like flowers. (can you tell I'm new to this!)

The ebay plant is labeled, "Sweet Scented Mini Wax Plant - Hoya - Great House Plant - 6" Hanging Pot."

The seller id's it in the description as H. pubera (and they also state its in a 4" pot, hmmmm). Also, the seller isn't taking questions.


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If you're talking about this listing, it is a Hoya nummularioides. Hoya picta/pubera doesn't have fuzzy leaves, and they are quite a bit smaller, at least on my collection of it.

If this is the plant you have, I'm sure you'll enjoy it a lot. It usually blooms in the late summer to early fall.

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the seller of this is hirts gardens... DO NOT BUY FROM THIS SELLER!!! i bought my first few hoyas from them... all different carnosas, and all of them were infested with mealies and what i think was scale... they were horrible to deal with and i will never buy from them again!!!

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Thank you!! Yes, that is what my friend's plant looks like! And thank you, Amber, for your recommendation. Naw, I wouldn't buy from a seller who wouldn't answer my questions anyway.

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