Who is the Queen of Spring?

greedygh0stMarch 25, 2013

It snowed this weekend, and I hear even in Florida the should-be-spring weather hasn't been very dependable. So I thought I'd take our mind off cold wet and white things with a spring themed thread.

So, which Hoya do you think has the spring-y-est flowers? It doesn't necessarily have to be one that blooms in spring. Just something with blooms that embody what you think of, when you think of SPRING.

The winner of our spring pageant will get to ride through the town square on a float that the high school kids built. (In my imagination)

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Diptera. Those yellow flowers remind me of the sunshine and daffodils (the flower for March, oddly enough).

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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It would have to a powerfully fragrant species. Spring makes me think of the scent of hyacinths and other spring bulbs.
My huge Hoya acuta finally started producing peduncles this winter and was blooming over the weekend. I was sure this particular plant was supposed to have strongly scented blooms as this was my reason for purchasing it. I was too lazy to move the rest of the plants so that I could get up close to see if I could detect a scent. Still from the description in the Liddles catalog I figured my whole apartment would have been awash with a sweet floral scent.
Feeling ripped off, a non-scented Hoya acuta and a winter that just won't quit.


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What a great bunch of people you are! I love reading what you all have to say, have learned so much, and long for an end to this winter too.

I have about 20 to repot out of 4 inch pots and all are suppose to be very fragrant.

I have one budding up all over and I can't wait until it blooms to cheer me up.


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Love this topic! :) For me the spring-y-est hoya flower has got to be sweet little H. bella! The dewy and delicate color of the corona makes it look so fresh, it's like a mini flower peeking up from the snowy white corolla!

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@ Mike

LOL I love your sense of humor. So, which acuta is it that is a fragrance failure? Does anyone have any recommendations for an acuta that is a scent success? None of my acutas or aff. acutas is anywhere close to blooming I fear, but I guess I'd better get a winner lined up now since they aren't early bloomers.

@ Brad & Klea

Great minds think alike! I have to say both of those plants came to mind for me, too, when I was mulling this question over! Klea, I think those coronas look like flowers-within-flowers, too!

Here are some of my runners-up:

Hoya cystiantha (or pick your campanulate flower).
These plants remind me of lily of the valley, which is my favorite spring flower. (Well, May is spring in Minnesota, which is where I grew up, haha... ) And the transparent delicacy of the petals is so tender and fresh and full of subtleties. Just like spring.

Hoya dennisii
Yes, a new favorite for me. But really these Hoyas with the fresh pale thin teardrop shaped leaves are so very very spring-y. The light shines through them and it looks like warmth and rebirth even in the dead of winter. And dennisii has the loveliest punch of color. Pow! Pink is for spring!

Hoya siariae
This is one of my favorite Hoyas, and one of the best things about it is that it comes in a variety of colors, and they are all very spring-y and multifaceted. Plus the leaves have these pale veins against a fresh grass green background that makes them look perpetually brand new.

In the end, my choice is the somewhat unlikely candidate...

Hoya leytensis

Have you looked at pictures of these flowers? First of all, this is the best pink ever. It's pale, like a heavy blush or apple blossoms. It's warm, with orange undertones, like sherbet and party dresses. And then fuzzy balls... fuzzy balls are PERFECT for spring! I don't know why. Maybe because they are what would happen if bumble bees combined with Easter eggs. Just imagine that for a while. And the leaves are tiny and tender - just very soft and gentle looking, hanging in thick clustering chains, like a garland.

Hoya leytensis (IML 1287)

Now that you've seen how small the leaves are (about an inch long and half as wide), picture how wee and precious and world-defying the blooms are.

Source: Thailand Hoya Club

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oh it has to be bella. Yes it blooms in the spring, but the flowers are such a sweetly delicate white and pink, which seems to be to be a springtime combination.


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I would have to say meliflua - I've had two very different kinds of flowers on mine. This is the one I mean...

The other one is more summery to me...

I moved my meliflua to an east window in my sunroom (from my GH) last later summer and it seems to like it's new location - it's putting on new growth by leaps and bounds. So maybe I'll get some blooms this year...

Denise in Omaha

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Well, this year it's the H. vanuatuensis...which happens to be in bloom right now with its waxy pale flowers :-)


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vanuatuensis came to mind for me, too, Josh. This Hoya always makes me think of you and Denise for some reason. You two are great advocates. ;)

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GG that's the worst part, I lost the tag. All I can remember is that the plant was listed as Hoya acuta with beautiful pink flowers that are highly fragrant. The blooms turned out to be more of an ivory colour. The plant is just plain huge as well, took forever to bloom.
If anyone has the Liddle's catalog from five or six years ago I would love to see it. Maybe then I will be able to figure out exactly what I have.


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