Hoya megalantha

vermonthoyasMarch 11, 2013

Here is a first-time-bloomer for me - Hoya megalantha. It seems to be a strong performer that will easily bloom under artificial light. It took nine months from cutting to flower, which I think is outstanding.

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Oh, how beautiful!! Congratulations! I'm happy to hear it's a fast bloomer, maybe I'll get some flowers myself this year. ;) Nine months from cutting to bloom is fast. Do you have a photo of the whole plant? It would be interesting to see how big it is when flowering for the first time. In my experience megalantha is a fast grower too.

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Thank you Klea! Here is a photo of the entire plant grown in semi-hydro.

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Wow, it really grew A LOT in just 9 months! I think mine is about 9 months too, but not even close to being that size. Mine haven't got any artificial lighting this winter tho, maybe if it did it would look more like yours. But maybe it's got nothing to do with lighting, maybe it's all to do with your obvious hoya talent!! :) Lovely plant and flowers! You've really done well with this plant. Once again; congratulations!

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ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL! I have to ask --- What lights do you use in your grown tent?

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Thank you Debbie! I am using two single 54watt T-5 fixtures in the tent. These happen to be the Sunblaster brand, but there are many others that would do the same thing. I find that with these small grow-tents anything more than two tubes causes it to get too hot unless you are using the tent in a cool basement. This tent helped me keep the humidity at 65% during the day and 85% at night. I think the humidity is as much a part of getting this plant to flower as the lighting. Here is one more shot of the bloom.


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wow wow wow! there's nothing more to say...I'm in awe! thanks for the info on the bulbs...! =)

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Gorgeous photos! It sure is showy seeing all those fat heavy flowers opening in a big cluster. I really love the photo where you can see the not-yet-open buds in the mix, for comparison.

When I see progress like your plant has made, it really inspires me to amp up the lights! I've been wanting to order more for a while and I should just stop stalling. It just turned into such a rodeo last time with screwed up shipments and waiting for the delivery guy and broken bulbs...

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