Hoya praetorii

ladygreensleevesMarch 23, 2010

As some of you may be aware I listed this Hoya as my most wanted. It remains my most wanted as I am having a difficult time locating anyone who offers this beautiful Hoya in the US. What I do find is a 2 node cutting. Is this standard for what is usually offered? I do know of one vendor, but I don't trust the guy. Have dealt with him in the past and his ID's are not always correct. Who want's to spent 50 bucks and end up with who knows what!!!

Soooooo..... Would anyone know someone who carries it or be willing to offer a cutting? I'm more than willing to cough up the dough for this prized Hoya if I can find someone in the US. Or work out a trade offering cuttings from my collection.

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There are few Hoyas that could be mistaken for this one other than Hoya lasiantha which is even better in my opinion, getting a multiflora by mistake would be unlikely.
I just put in my list of plants for a group order to Mr. Green in Hawaii and that may be who you are speaking of but other than that source I think it may be quite difficult to find this Hoya available. Some of the Thai vendors occasionally have this species but then you have to take the chance that the cutting dies or is confiscated so it's a tough call.


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That is what Im finding out about this particuliar Hoya. It's elusive at times,and just out of my crasp it seems. The vendor I speak of that has this Hoya lives here in Florida. I don't want to bash the guy, but I do know he's not always honest. And when it so small a cutting as what he offers with barely two leaves, you have to wonder what your getting.......

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I think that Green Plant Research in Hawaii is your best bet then and there are some really fantastic Hoyas offered on the price list.


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Lady, I have seen the hoya vendor you're talking about in person. I can't vouch for if his hoya actually praetorii or not but I have seen him at shows. I know others on this forum have complained about the accuracy of his labelling at times. I agree with Mike.

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Trini....I know the vendor in person too...not a very nice guy. He has the H.praetorii and the H.lasiantha both listed on his website for 50 bucks for a 2 node cutting......what does that tell ya!

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geosdee(Zone 8 FL Panhandle)

LGS I was wanting this one as well. I emailed Ted Green about a month or so ago and he told me he no longer had any cuttings available and wasn't sure when he would have them again. Just check back now and then. I am looking for inflata as well and he said the same thing about that one too. Just thought I would let you know what he told me.


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Thank-you Dee....I have done alot of reading and checking around and find that the cuttings don't always do well in shipping and that it can be a bit difficult to root. The rooting part does'nt bother me. It's the shipping....
I did find another vendor that might have it available in a month or so. So I contacted her and asked that she let me know when it becomes available.

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