Canning cherry tomatoes

sue_ct(z6 CT)August 23, 2014

I have a bunch of ripening cherries, as usual, Sungold and Black Cherry. I was a couple jars short of a full pot full to can last week so I did one pint of Sungold cherries. They are certainly more labor intensive, but not as bad as I thought. I also had a pint of regular tomatoes that ended up with 1 inch of headspace instead of 1/2" because I ran out of tomatoes. Is that ok safety wise? What is the reason for the recommended 1/2 inch head space? Is it just the minimum or crucial? Any reason I can't top off a jar with cherries next time to make a full jar? Do they taste as good canned later as regular tomatoes? Because of the labor intensive nature of the cherries and I was experimenting, I just used a spider tool and scooped up about 20 cherries at a time, put them in the boiling water, them scooped them all out at one time and into the ice water. Then I just squeezed each one into a bowl and they slipped right out of the skins. Still more work than regular tomatoes but no need to cut a cross into each one or peel with a knife, so not as bad as I thought. Just wondering if a jar of these will taste as good for a quick pasta sauce with a little fresh basil come winter as my large heirloom tomates? Because I cook for one the smaller jar would be fine.

Oh yeah, I also learned that Anna's Noir makes funky looking canned tomatoes. But I bet they will taste great anyway. :)

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I have always found the best use for cherry tomatoes is to cook them down for juice or soup. All those seeds and skins are really annoying when you can them whole, and I would never have the patience to blanch and peel them!!


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I'd use the jar with the 1" headspace first. The reason for the headspace is to let the air vent out of the jar in the canner and pull a vacuum. When you have too much headspace you may end up with a weak seal because all the air hasn't been vented out.

If you have a lot of cherry tomatoes, you might want to try the Dilly Tomatoes on Ball's website. Since a chef wrote the recipe ;-) it only makes 1 pint but you can multiply it by as many as can fit in your canner.

The 2 plants you gave me have septoria like the others in that area, and aren't producing much, but the taste is exceptional! I have to get seeds for next year.

I sent you an email.

Here is a link that might be useful: Dilly Tomatoes

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lpinkmountain(5b/6a border PA)

I used them once, (for salsa I think) blanched and peeled. My hands got sore and raw from it. What was I thinking! Tasted pretty good though! I think I may have made chili sauce from them that year too, using a food mill to get out the seeds. I was a canning newbie, with a LOT of time on my hands and a lot of wolf cherry tomatoes in the garden. Nevermore!

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