what size pot???

emerald1951March 19, 2013

Hi all.....
I posted this picture before and asked about repotting and would I loose the blooms for this year....
I really think I need to repot this plant, the soil is hard and I think all roots.....
the pot that it is in is a 10 inch about 8 inches deep...
my question is should I use a pot bigger arround or deeper.....what do hoyas like wide pots or deep pots....
thanks for any help.....linda

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That's a lovely compacta!! Very impressive. If you're repotting, I'd probably go to a bigger pot - a 10" or 12" pot. Same depth is fine, or if it's just a little bigger all around is ok too. When unpotting, be gentle with the roots - Hoyas don't like to have their roots disturbed too much. It'll make it easier on the roots (though it will be messier) to do it while the soil is wet.

Denise in Omaha

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Hi Dennise, thank you for the reply....
I know from reading on here you have lots of hoyas....
I have followed your advise before and I bought a cactus from you I'll e-mail you a update picture....thank you again I think I'll try one alittle deeper and a little bigger arround.....linda

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Ever since I saw that gorgeous picture, I've been wondering something. The leaves are very crisp and healthy looking. What type of humidity is it growing in? Any ideas on how yours grows so lush and green? I'm sure others would love to know your growing conditions as well!! Thanks for sharing!

- Teisa

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Hi Teisa,
this hoya sits in the middle of my living room window and its a south window...if the sun is to hot, I have a light curtain I pull to shade the plant for that day....everytime I water I put in alittle fertilizer in the water and I also use a bloom booster....our house is heated to 68' in the winter...and cooled to 78' in the summer....I don't know what the humidity level is in our house...I have over a hundred plants ( I really try to cut down, honest) and I have a 35 gallon hexagon aquarium in the dining room and a 75 gallon rectangle aquarium down stairs....and a soon to be daughter in law that hangs all her wet clothes on a rack in the laundry room to dry...so I think the humidity level is find......and as for why mine is so lush and green.....that's because of all the advise and all the post that I have read on here.....I kinda just put it all together and this is the plant.....linda
Oh and thats why I have over a hundred plants my plants don't die any more...they just grow and grow......

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That was too funny! I know I too see a plant here and add more but pretty soon our houses are going to look like jungles! My favorite Hoya is the Compacta. I have several!! A few of mine grow with long spaces between the leaves. And none of them have such healthy leaves as yours. I'm sure your humidity must play a factor. But whatever is working, keep it up. That is a Gorgeous Hoya!! Thanks for sharing it with us and please post pictures when it blooms.

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