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lori_40(Ontario)March 30, 2010

I am facinated by all these types of Hoya plants and their beautiful flowers. Where do you find all the different kinds? In my area I see the same one all the time. There are lots of little plants without names but i don't know if they are Hoyas. Isthere some feature they all have in common to look for? Is there a place on-line to buy if your in Canada? Thank-you,Lori

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Lori Hoyas are not at all common in Canadian nurseries or most American nurseries for that matter. You need to look for a nursery that specifically sells Hoyas and in Canada that includes Pike Lake in Saskatchewan and another in Montreal who's name slips my mind. Most of us Canadians buy plants from overseas, places like Paul Shirley Succulents in the Neatherlands and Botanova in Sweden ship cuttings of many Hoya species. If you check Walmarts and Rona type stores you can sometimes find Exotic Angle Hoyas in hanging baskets, a few different species and cultivars.

Look up Paul Shirleys Succulents and Botanova and you will be in Hoya heaven. I have ordered many times from Paul Shirley and have never had a problem. Cuttings can take some time to arrive in the mail so you need to know how to treat them if they are dehydrated and how to root them, all things we can teach you if you decide to order.


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