Red Fountain Grass

bluesky7September 12, 2008

I like Red Fountain Grass and have found that they are really neat, inexpensive, and drought-tolerant plants for landscaping. I understand they are hardy to 20 degrees F and also like temperatures into the 90's. They look a lot like Sea Oats but are more willowy and colorful. These plants grow no taller than 4 to 5 feet high. The individual grass plants do require some pruning back now and then as they tend to become thick. But this is easily achieved and the beauty of the grass interplanted with small Crotins and/or small palms is very appealing, as I have discovered in my own front yard. Sheri :)

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I have the white kind. Yes, it is in expensive...someone just started pulling them from the ground and handing them to me!! They are like you say very drough tolerant. I don't know about the red but the the white seed very readily. That can be a good thing or a bad thing. Just be aware.

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manature(9B Sanford, FL)

I love mine...I call them purple fountain grass, but it's the same thing, I believe. Penisetum "Rubra?" I have never had any of mine seed, but the clump gets thicker each year. And nothing seems to cause them any problems. In early spring, I weedwhack 'em down to about a foot tall or so, and they come back really full. I leave them all winter, even if they look dead, as I think they add interesting texture to the garden.

More decorative grasses, less LAWN, that's my motto!


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fagopher(zone 5)

I have the red fountain grass. They are really pretty, however when they got some cold weather, the leaves dyed and it has not re-growth much (id has some new leaves though). It was about 1 1/2 year ago and I was expecting them to be nice again now but not yet... I live in Seminole. Also, with the last tropical storm, the strong winds made them loose their nice form and now look like if someone had stepped on them...

Is it only me? Any suggestion?

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manature(9B Sanford, FL)

Cut them back, fagopher. Weed whack or pruners, down LOW to the ground. They will come back again, fuller and prettier than ever.

Good luck.

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So far these Red (name from the container label) Fountain Grass plants really seem to like zone 10 here in South Florida. They droop over when it rains but dry out quickly when the sun comes out again. Don't seem to require much fertilizer or water which almost makes them native-like. Sheri

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Well, inspired by this post, I'm just back from a trip to the backyard to pet some Fountain Grass blooms. Mine survived 14" of rain from Fay and look happier then ever. After trimming roses and crown of thorns today, its nice to know you other gardeners love your "ouchless" Fountain Grass too.

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Glad this post inspired you, Imatallun. Yes, they are very durable and attractive grasses. Like you, I sometimes go out there just to 'pet' the silky blooms! :-)

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