can these 2 hoyas be in the same pot?

Lamora(4)March 12, 2013

Hi all, hope your week is going better than mine is-- :)

I have 2 hoyas that I would like to put in the same pot, a Krimson Princess and a Carnosa. The Princess is smaller thant the Carnosa but both are only one plant.

I'm not so worried about blooms this year, haven't had them for even a year yet, so blooms won't be an issue for a while, if i understand Hoyas that don't bloom for at least 2-4 yrs..

The reason I am asking is because somewhere I read that hoyas don't like other kind of hoyas. They like to be with thier own kind. But with both being just one plant, I was wanting to do this. The caring, feeding, watering and soil are all the same.

Would this be a good combination for these? or not.. I would like any information, input and personal experince with this. I am begining to have a great fondness of Hoyas anymore. Hope to find some more this year. :) I just want to do right by them..

Marjie-- still learning :)

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Hi Lamora,

Well I've never heard this & I'm here since this Hoya Forum began. Do you remember where you read this? I'm not so quick to believe everything I read.

So how would that work in the wild, in nature? You think the first Hoyas gonna see a 2nd one & think 'Oh no, I better stop growing, I'm near another Hoya'?

Nonsense, certainly the Hoyas won't know the difference.

I don't mix different Hoyas together, but that's abt personal taste & I do some swapping, so I'd rather not mix up types of Hoyas together. If you're not planning on swapping, or maybe space is an issue, go ahead & combine them. It certainly wouldn't hurt them or their growing (I think).

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Hi Marjie
I have also not heard this about hoyas.
I say go a head and put the 2 together if you want.I have had to put different lucanosa together in the same pot just to save on space.I have way to many hoyas and not enough room.


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There are some species that have different needs, but the two you're thinking of are actually so closely related that they take the exact same care, so go ahead and grow them together.

Denise in Omaha

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:) thanks. Just wanted to make sure they would like each other. They will be potted when it gets a bit warmer and STAYS warmer. When I can put them outside afterwords.

Now I know what pot I want, where to put it, and see what happens.. can hardly wait! lol

I told them today that they were going to live together, I swear they smiled... ok, i'm tired.. lol

But that does make me feel better, I feel like I am getting to know plants better.. still a lot to learn tho, but if something seeps in and stays there.. im ok with that.. :)

Thanks again

p/s not sure where I seen that they don't like being together, some site I was looking at on them, and I look at a lot of sites... but it was on the computer..

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Also just so you understand, your Hoya Krimson Princess is just a horticultural variety of Hoya carnosa. Think of it as Hoya carnosa's red headed sister.
You can grow plants together but they often do best on their own because they do not have to directly compete for water or nutrition.


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Good luck, Marjie! Idk if your plants were smiling or not, but you made me smile when I read that line.

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Bringing this conversation back from the dead...

You know how all-green carnosa vines grow faster than the variegated ones? Do roots grow faster as well? (I would think so - to match and support the growth above-ground.) So then wouldn't the all-green carnosa roots "bully" and suppress the variegated one's over time?

I have one tiny lacunosa growing, and I was considering combining them if I get others. Even though they need the same culture, but some are variegated and some are all-green.

I'll be careful to tag all the vines in the communal pot for future trade purposes.

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