Someone go back to the day I decided to plant Tigarella...

bananastandAugust 23, 2014

And smack me. I just peeled and de-seeded a bunch for salsa. AGHHHHHH.

I used to only have room for 3 plants, so this was my usual mix:
1 cherry (I like Sungold)
1 paste (I like Opalka)
1 heirloom slicing (I like Cherokee Purple)

This year I built a new bed just for tomatoes (freeing up the old one for other sun-loving veggies), and got a whopping FOUR plant capacity! I decided to try Tigarella. Great for salads but such a labor intensive pain for salsa. Same with Cherokee Purple to be honest.

I'm not giving up my sungold, but anyone have thoughts on the other three varieties for next year? Ideal is some use for caprese salad and fresh eating, but at least one big harvest for a batch of salsa. I've never been able to grow enough to can more than one recipe of anything.


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This is my first year with Cuostralee and it has been great. It is a red tomato that is produces large very good tasting fruit and good quantities as well. Others talk up Neves Azorean Red, Marianna's peace, Brandy Boy, Brandywine, Mortgage Lifter, Kellogg's Breakfast, and others. Many many to choose from, but you have all winter to research.

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annew21 (zone 7b NC)(7b NC)

I like Eva Purple Ball. They're not actually purple, they're really pink-red. I like the taste a lot, they're fairly productive and blemish free. They're also almost perfectly round and easy to peel.

The only downside is that they produce later than most other tomatoes I have grown.


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If you want one big batch at once for canning, use a determinate tomato because they're bred to .........uhm.......come on all at once. Tigerellas are indeterminate and that means they continue to grow all season and will produce a smaller fruit set but over a larger period of time. That's sort of like bush beans compared to pole beans. Bush beans produce heavy for a short time period and stop, pole beans produce less prolifically, but all season. I want slicing tomatoes and canning tomatoes so plant both rutgers and marglobe (similar taste and size) but one is determinate and one indeterminate. I am in the process of pulling my vines now, after harvesting over 350 pounds of them with probably another hundred pounds to come.

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Ahhh... I hadn't even thought about the determinate/indeterminate distinction! I do appreciate the other suggestions coming for varieties too, though. It just seems with Tigarella and Cherokee Purple, most of what makes them delicious is stuff that has to get drained and picked out (so many seeds and juice) for salsa. :-)

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