Hoya ignorata - Newly described species

mdahms1979March 27, 2012

A new species of Hoya has been described. This is a very unusual species, hopefully one that will become available to collectors. The small flowers are not what you would call showy but still a very interesting plant none the less.

The Flickr Hoya group also hosts several photos of this Hoya.


Here is a link that might be useful: Hoya ignorata article

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Aw man, I am in love. I can't find anything about it (other than the fact that apparently everyone who is NOT in the US has it) D: /heart hurting

And is its name a joke? B/c that's what I first thought when I saw your thread.

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The name is real and I believe that it describes the fact that this species has a wide geographic distribution in South East Asia but has been pretty much ignored in a botanical sense. I am unsure if this species had been described as a member of another Genus in the Apocynaceae or if it really has just been ignored.

I would love to grow this one but only because it's so darn weird. Ok Time to start tracking this one down. Who wants to take a trip to Vietnam?


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Vietnam is at the *top* of my list, Mike. Let's go! I agree that this is the most adorably weird Hoya I've seen in a long time. It makes my heart go thumpthumpthumpthump!!!

Love that the progression goes as so:

Step 1: Discover a plant that has characteristics that you find attractive.

Step 2: Amass a giant collection.

Step 3: Become fanatically interested in species that have different characteristics than the ones that originally attracted you to the plant.

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LOL. I like small and pubescent, DS-70 is just perfect, I have nice lattice to hang my SMALL hoyas (thank you DH). Please tell me how I ended up buying H. kerri and obovata with leaves bigger than pots my minies are growing in and love it????

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I found the full article at below link:

Here is a link that might be useful: http://www.scribd.com/aotrangtb2/d/95647197-Hoya-ignorata-new-species-from-Vietnam-Thailand

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Trantb thanks you for posting that article. I love seeing habitat photos, will have to bookmark that page for reference.


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