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plittle2March 4, 2012

>Have one of my hosta gardens ( 5 years 10x100 ), along a driveway. Same garden has mature Norway spruce as a backdrop.

>Problem--shallow dense fibrous roots from the spuce I am sure are impacting the hosta growth.

>Possible solutions.

  1. Remove hosta--top dress 3-4 inches--replant.

  2. Top dress 3-4 inches early spring over hosta.

>If I leave in place what is maximum top dress depth?

>I realize either is not a permanent solution.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

all the top dressing is going to do ... is feed the trees roots... making it even more aggressive than it already is ...

3 inches sounds a bit deep on top dressing ... plus you dont tell us what kind you are thinking about ... there are a lot of hosta that will not handle being buried 3 inches too deep ... but again.. it might matter what you bury them with


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hmacflower(Z4 Ont.)

I would dig up the favorites, put compost and bone meal
in a wider,deeper hole and replant a division (maybe half) if the hosta is big.
Where there were really dense roots,under a maple,I buried a very large pot, screen on the bottom, filled with good earth & compost, then planted my hosta...that woked really well, trouble is, it's not easy to dig a large enough hole...this is when strong husbands come in handy!

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Within a year the Maple feeder roots will go through the screen. They go down to about 16". If they can lift thousands of pounds of concrete sidewalks and driveways, a screen is no big deal. Only treated spin out fabric will deter the Maple or any other kind of tree roots.

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