I guess plants make liars of us, too!

denise_gw(5)March 29, 2010

Kids and plants, right? I commented on another thread that nicholsoniae (for me) has been a stingy bloomer (though it bloomed fairly young...) Well, I was giving some Hoyas a nice VF-11 bath this afternoon and found at least 6 peduncles budding up...

You know, though, in past years I've grown nicholsoniae on a top shelf in the GH where it would get lots of sun which made the leaves pretty. However, last fall, I pulled it down to a bottom shelf where I could enjoy it's prettiness more. I figured since it doesn't bloom a LOT, I might as well put something else up there that would benefit from the sun by giving more blooms. So here it is, nice shiny (though just green) leaves, less sun, and covered in buds! Just goes to show ya!

Denise in Omaha

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golden_ca_2000(BC Canada)

Very cool - I hope when it opens you will post another photo or 2. I'd love to see what the leaves look like to, sometime when you get a chance. Very Nice Denise! :0)

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It sounds like there is a substantial crop of bloom on the way Denise, congratulations. :)


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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Awesome Denise...Congrats! I wonder since you've had it in very bright light and then moved it to less light the flowering mechanism has already started? How long ago did you move it from bright to less light?

Mine is complete opposite of yours...my leaves are all redish and NO blooms. Maybe I need to give it less light, or just be a little more patient.

Please post when they open!

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kellyknits(6/WV Eastern Panhandle)

Congrats, Denise!

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Denise, Way Cool! It took some time for mine to begin blooming... Maybe I will follow your example and move them to less sun. Worth considering!

Also, the blooms seem to last a very short while, as I don't have pix of mine in bloom. Or, only a very FEW pix.

Okay, found a few. (Don't cringe, Denise! Water spotted, sun burnt. All around unattractive foliage, 'cept for the leaf coloring.)

I found the buds much more intriguing with the speckle-dy coloration than the ho-hum recurved flowers. In addition to the bit they don't last long...

Enjoy and do be sure to post. I always love seeing what Mid Western (kinder) culture offers rather than extreme SoCal culture!!!

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Love the red foliage, Cena! That's why I grew it on the top shelf - mine didn't get THAT red, but had a kiss of red on the edges. And I agree - the flower buds are most interesting!

Pug, I actually moved it to the bottom shelf last fall when I brought in all my plants from outside, so it's been down there for at least 6 months. I'm thinking maybe maintaining red tones might zap energy away from flowering, because I've always had lots of peduncles, but get only a few to flower each summer. I love this hobby - you never stop learning!

Denise in Omaha

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Thanks Denise! You're so right...I learn something new about hoyas here all the time. I've had many different hobbies in my time, this one is definitely the most fun and interesting!

Cena, love that hoya! Beautiful red foliage!

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Hey Denise,
Your so right about plants making liars of us. I have a Bella who almost died three years ago. However, She decided to live just to drive me insane. She has long gangly stems with lots of bare spaces where she's lost alot of leaves. One day one of her stems broke while I was inspecting her, so out of frustration I just stuck the stem in the center of the the pot and forgot about it. Well, wouldn't you know, the stem rooted, then Bella decided that she was going to grow new shoots and then, just to fool me She's BLOOMING! I think that after she's finished blooming I am going to cut the long bare stems and replant them in the center of the pot and hopefully they'll take. This Bella was absolutely gorgeous when I bought her and I am determined to figure her out. What a challenge!

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Isn't that just how they frustrate us? Yes, I would do exactly as you're thinking. It's been my experience that when a Hoya is waning, if I whack it back and create cuttings, especially if I can do so in an aquarium, they root quickly, and often the mother "stump" will throw out new growth. I repotted my heuschkeliana this winter and it did not react well. The plant started to dehydrate and I held off as long as possible, hoping it would settle in and right itself. Well, as the leaves became very, VERY dehydrated, I took cuttings and put them in a little pot full of moss in my aquarium. I'd let them go so long, I didn't feel real confident that it would make it, but lo and behold, they all produced new roots, fattened up, and I put them back in the mama pot about a week ago. So far so good...

Denise in Omaha

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