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FrugalFanny(4)March 19, 2013

Hello everybody! I just wanted to let you all know, if you don't already, that I've been seeing lots of really good looking hoyas around lately in grocery and big box stores. The varieties I've seen recently are: lacunosa, rubra, hindu rope, and carnosa tricolor. One lacunosa even had a cute little flower on it in the grocery store! They were all EA brand, in small hanging baskets.

I assume all chains of those stores will have similar selections, but I guess that's not always the case. The stores I've been to lately that had them were HD and Hannaford.

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I was at my local Lowe's a few days ago and found a big pot (8") of 'Krimson Princess' (aka rubra) for $12. I got rid of my old one a couple years ago after it had almost completely reverted back to green, so I was happy to get a new one in such good condition. I do despise that EA soil, though, and did my best to get rid of the lower half of the soil and replace it with my own. It's hard to repot those big plants that consist of a bazillion cuttings, but the roots looked in excellent shape. It's nice when you can find them before the store employees destroy them with their "care"!

Denise in Omaha

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

I agree, it must be Spring nursery shipments or something like that.

Several wks ago I saw 3 pots of H curtisii at a local HD. Maybe 6-8" hanging pots full. But they were SOAKING wet & I was already carrying several other things, so I couldn't do it. I've been meaning to get back there, haven't yet.

The small curtissi I've had for yrs. finally pooped out a winter or 2 ago. Have been wanting a new one & $12 seemed OK. I'd been thinking I'd divide up the new pot of it into several smaller ones, I love the shape of curtisii leaves; several pots would be nice. Since I too detest the EA mix & always lose plants I leave in it, when I buy EA Hoyas, I know I'll have to do something.

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Very pretty Denise!! You definately got one That shows the variegated leaves well.

Now everyone has got to stop!!!! Enough of this "spring delivery" stuff. Since I am going to SRQ in May I am trying really hard not to buy any Hoyas till then. And it is getting harder everyday not to run into Lowes right down the street!!! I don't know how many more pictures I can take. First it was Brad, Renee, Fannie, now Denise. Lol

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Just trying to be helpful ;)

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Lol. Sorry Teisa - but they're so cheap! I'm sure you could just go and get one.... :)

Sorry. I guess I'm an enabler. ;)


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@ Teisa

Haha. Stay strong! I know exactly how you feel. You can enjoy immediate gratification or hang in there patiently for a few more exotic species. I was on SRQ the other day and couldn't believe how many new plants she'd introduced. I can't even figure out her sources for many of them.

It will all be worth it when you're there, because so many of those Hoyas look sooooo much more amazing in the flesh. You'll find yourself wanting to snatch up plants that had never excited you before and you'll need the reserve funds.

At least that's what happened to me... I'm pretty sure I had the glazed crazy eyes of an addict. Although Joni was way too nice to make fun of me...

@ Everyone else

I wouldn't say no to a big pot of brevialata. xD

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