Buying First Hosta??

Gesila(MI Z5)March 12, 2012

Hmmm.... seems like one of the nurseries is open and has some hostas unfurled.... $4.99 for a gallon container. This JUST happens to be on the way home from my tax appointments today!!!!

I'm hoping they have something different than last year.

Here is a link that might be useful: Facebook Page

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jan_on zone 5b

Jealous. We have two months to wait before the local hosta grower opens his gate! Enjoy your treasure hunt.

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hosta_freak(z6 NC)

Lucky you! The only thing down here is bare-root in bags at the big box stores,and they are the usual suspects. Control yourself,Gesila!! Phil

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A hosta I found at Lowes a few days ago, Whirlwind, looks almost the same as this image.

Have fun after taxes, should you retain any money!

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Gesila(MI Z5)

Picked up 13 hostas today for a total of $65.58:

American Halo - 8 eyes
Atlantis - 19 eyes
Lakeside Cupcake - 9 eyes
Queen Josephine - 17 eyes
Fortunei Albopicta - 3 Eyes
Alvatine Taylor - 4 eyes
Thunderbolt - 9 eyes
Chantilly Lace - 8 eyes
Sagae - 3 eyes
So Sweet - 7 eyes
Pineapple Upside Down Cake - 14 eyes
Carnival - 2 eyes
Diana Remembered - 2 eyes

I bought Sagae last year, couldn't resist another one for only $4.99. I think I'm going to like taking pictures with our new camera!

BTW, as we were checking out, we asked if they were going to be getting any different varieties of hostas in this season. The manager popped up from the back room and gave us the list of hostas that were going to be coming in around April 1 and then asked us if we were "Hostas on the Bluff" (our Facebook page). This nursery is over 15 miles from our house, I wonder how he knew?? Had me laughing all the way home!


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I'm jealous. I stopped at Lowe's to get some perlite and they had the usual - albomarginata and Frances Williams. It would be nice to be able to see what you're buying. Most all of mine come from mail order.


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Wow what a selection. I used to work for Lowe's in nursery management and unfortunately for many each manager does his/her own ordering in addition to home office orders. If the department manager doesn't know much about hostas you will find a poor selection so Gesila looks like your store has someone who knows hostas.


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Gesila, do you have the names listed in order for the photo?
I tried to blow up the name tags and could not read which was which. sigh...... That one on the far right, what is it?
Love it.

And the twisted dark green lanceolate one on the far left, like it too. What is it?

You sure got your money's worth.

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Steve Massachusetts Zone 5b


I know you got them from Countryside Greenhouse. Are they a local hosta specialty nursery? Can you tell me who the wholesale grower is? It should say on those labels.


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Gesila(MI Z5)


Some of the were grown locally here in Western Michigan. A majority of them had labels from the Berry Family of Nurseries, Tahlequah, Oklahoma. Countryside is not a hosta specialty nursery, but one of the biggest nurseries in the area, I don't even try to get anywhere near it during the peak planting season.

Moccasin, here's larger pictures of the ones you were inquiring about:

Pineapple Upside Down Cake

So Sweet

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