Mealies and plant growth.

newhoyaguy888(3a)March 14, 2013

Has anyone else noticed that when their Hoya has a case of the mealies that their plant grows better?

This is the case with a few of my hoyas and it almost makes me not want to deal with the mealies. I just want to know if I'm alone on this one or if anyone else has noticed this.

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Not really, if you let it be you may lose plant. Fluffy monsters will attack fresh growth and new leaves will die, and eventually whole plant will decline. Pick them up, your hoya is most likely waking up and happily growing but mealies aren't helping!

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I agree that the plant is just going into a growth cycle and it is not related to the mealies. Mealies are sap sucking insects and once their population increases they can really start to negatively effect a plant. New growth and become deformed and their population can get out of control fast.

I would recommend using Palmolive dish soap and water to spray the plant every two days for a week.


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Mike gave excellent advice! ~ Mary

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