outdoor greenhouse for winter hoya growing

Asterope(SE Queensland, Australia)March 28, 2013

Hi all,

I am considering purchasing one of those temporary walk-in greenhouses to house my orchids and hoyas in over the winter.

I live in one of the chillier parts of brisbane and had several nights which got to below 5 degrees celcius last year (below 40F), which resulted in losing about 7 different hoyas from the cold.
We usually dont get nights below 5 degrees. The days are always warm and sunny, average of 23 degrees (around 75F) so its not the daytime temps I am worried about. Our winters are usually quite dry.

Sunny winter window space is a premium - so bringing all the warmer and intermediate temperature ones inside is not really feasible. Im thinking whether an outdoor greenhouse would provide a suitable humid and warmer night environment for my hoyas.

I know a lot of you grow hoyas in much much colder climes than mine - so hopefully have some experience with an outdoor greenhouse.

your thoughts are appreciated.


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Hi Eileen,

I would think you could just put up a large walk-in cold frame, which is essentially just a framed "room" - you can buy pre-fab metal frames or build your own out of wood. Then you can either get semi-clear plastic panels, or I would just put heavy plastic over it each year. You can just take the panels or plastic down when spring comes and continue to keep the plants in there, or leave the roof panels/plastic up for some shading. It would be a cheap endeavor compared to a real greenhouse, especially if you or someone you know is handy. My little 7x12 GH I put on my house (not freestanding, so only 3 sides) cost me over 12 grand a dozen years ago, so it's a big investment in your plants. (If it wasn't for my husband wanting a Harley at the time - which was my bargaining chip - I still wouldn't have one!!)

Denise in Omaha

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