SLUGS: why it might be too early for bait

ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5March 8, 2012

because its too cold ???? depending on your zone ...

they are temp dependent .. and though theoretically they are moving .. up here in MI .. but they are not going far.. and they are NOT going fast ... even for a slug ..

and please dont tell me you are throwing the LURE BAIT ... right next to your crowns.. one might do better to lure them AWAY from the crowns ... wouldnt you think ...

but moving so slow.. they wont make it out to the bait for a few weeks anyway.. see above about moving slow ...

its not going to hurt or be bad to be early .... i am just discussing how effective it might be ...

now.. on the other hand ...

===>>> go buy a $10 pump spray tank .. put in 1 part ammonia or vinegar ... and 9 parts water ...

pump up.. walk around.. point nozzle.. NEVER bend down ... thoroughly wet down every crown and nearby mulch.. that is right where they are hiding ... and any contact will be deathly ... no need to contemplate them coming to your bait ...

maybe 2 gallon sprayer .. but anything bigger will hurt your shoulder/back.. just due to the weight of the 2+ gallons or more of water ...

would never use a backpack version ...

and NEVER salt your plants ... if you see them on the sidewalk.. or wherever .. so be it.. but not the plant itself ... which probably went w/o saying.. but what the heck ...

and if you are early .. i hope you have waterproof bait ....


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Gesila(MI Z5)

The Bug-Geta kept the slugs away lasy year...... it was the area where I applied Sluggo in the spring where I had to fight the slugs the entire summer.

I have my $10 pump ready to use when the hostas start to emerge. And of course the toaster tweezers and cup of salt water for early morning slug hunting.

Bug-Getta works even after rain....but I'm not sure it survived the rain storm we had last night.

BTW.....the Bug-Geta was applied to the all the hosta beds with pachysandras.....I know the slugs are hiding in them.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

hey G ...

it cant hurt..

i am just wondering about timing.. that's all

besides.. knowing you as we do.. i am not surprised you didnt have it scheduled for mid january .. lol ...


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Steve Massachusetts Zone 5b

If you are using metaldehyde bait like Deadline it resists rain deteriorization. So it may not be too early. The article in the AHS online journal recommends a very light application rate. "Picture an 8 and 1/2 x 11 piece of paper and three grains of rice on that paper." They suggest using a Scotts hand broadcast spreader set on the #2 setting. Be aware that this stuff is poison, but unlike the iron phosphate stuff (Sluggo) it contains Bitrex, a substance that pets won't eat. Still if you have pets I would watch them very carefully to be sure they aren't interested. And of course, store it safely where they can't get to it.

Or you can go the ammonia route that Ken advises in order to avoid "a chemical/fungicide organic cesspool of vermin and horror"


Here is a link that might be useful: What do you mean you haven't joined the AHS yet?

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bernd ny zone5

Steve, are we getting the AHS Journal in the mail very soon? Otherwise, it is too early for bait when hostas are not sprouting yet. Bernd

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kskaren(z5 MO)

Thanks Ken, for your patience with folks like me, who are a little slow (dare I say, slug-ish?) in embracing the easier-is-better method of slug control! Up to this point, there's been something in my brain that has prevented me from thinking spraying ammonia on a plant could possibly be a good thing, even though I've read it here a thousand times. But your explanation, compared to the alternative of spending lots of $$ and back-bending labor that I've done before, sounds like it's at least worth a try. So the "how many times do I have to tell you" spiel we used on our kids has worked on me today! Thanks again!

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It rained all night long, I do believe. Well, this morning I walked outside to the front covered stoop, and noticed what I thought was pieces of leaf clinging to the stucco exterior of our white cottage.

NOT LEAVES. I pushed the closest one with the corner of my dustpan, and it stuck to it, moving all gray and slimy. ALL ALONG THE WHITE STUCCO BENEATH THE WINDOWS were young SLUGS,
elevating themselves above the drowning pools of water which collected along the dripline of the roof.

Now I've never seen this happen before. It is still sort of sprinkling, gray day typical of late winter here, but I'm going out to move my potted hosta AWAY FROM THE HOUSE. Yeah, I had the pots moved up against the house in the back yard, inside the drip line, hoping to protect them from too much rain, too much wind, but apparently exposing them to the invasion of the young slugs.

Gotta go. Will report if slugs are inside my defence line of potted plants.

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Is there a temp you would advise waiting for? We are having a week of upper 60's and 70's. It is not safe to uncover frost/snow/freeze is just around the corner no doubt..but I still have to wonder if they are moving under all those leaves! I just may have to break out the sprayer.

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