Help with benguentensis

gennykins(4)March 19, 2011

I purchased benguentensis last summer and I grow it in a southwest window with no supplemental lighting or humidity. It did not grow until about a month ago when it started sending out vines at two nodes. These died about two weeks ago. Since then, benguentensis has lost the firmness of its leaves and has become papery and sunken looking. I'm concerned that I might lose it. I have not changed its water routine (when dry). The sun is stronger here now and I can't imagine that its getting too much - but maybe???? Ideas?


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quinnfyre(z7 PA)

Hmmm... I grow mine right up against a south window, so I don't think it's the light. It may be the water. I don't grow mine dry (at least I try not to, it happens on accident sometimes, whoops). I try to keep it moist at all times. I seem to recall that if I let it dry out, the vine tips died off or suspended growth, sometimes indefinitely. Try giving it a good watering and watch it over the next few days to a week. If it's the water, it should plump up in that time frame, from my experience. If it doesn't, then something else may be wrong. Worst case scenario, you may need to restart it as a cutting. But give the watering a try first. Good luck!

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Thanks for your suggestion! Now that you've mentioned it, water has been running through it very quickly. Perhaps the roots have dried out to the extent that they're no longer absorbing water? I'll try submerging the pot today to achieve a thorough soaking. If this fails, maybe I'll try bagging it to incease humidity and see if that helps. Good to know though, that its probably not its location.


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kellyknits(6/WV Eastern Panhandle)

I've notice some of mine go through more water when they receive more sun!


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I find this one sensitive to being wet for a long time but it does not like to be dry either. I lost half the leaves on my established cutting when I watered my plant again before it had started to dry out. Soggy and cold is a big no-no with this one to.


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