rules for international shipping of cuttings/plants

greentoe357March 15, 2014

Somebody in Germany wants my cuttings from the US, and I want some of theirs. And maybe also a rooted plant.

What do I need to know / do / pay / include / whatever, in order for my package to get there safely? Is USPS good enough for this? Plants are not valuable, so keeping the cost down is important.

On their side, what do they need to know / do / pay / include into the US-bound package?

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Has the moderator clipped/pinned (or whatever this is called) this post to the top of the forum? I do not mind at all; asking because it stays on top even as people post and reply to other things.

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Nah, posts just stay on top if no one has responded to them. :\

Sorry we don't have more advice on this. I've never sent cuttings to Germany. Since you're outside the EU, you'd need a phytosanitary certificate to legally ship live plants such as Hoyas (rooted or unrooted) into Germany. The following plants and vegetable matter may never be imported into Germany from countries outside of the EU:

÷ Grapevines, vine leaves
÷ Earth and plant substrate, except for pure peat without plants, from most East European and overseas countries.

Even plants, plant parts and plant products that are not subject to any general import prohibition often require a plant health certificate from the country of origin even for personal use imports(for example in the case of imports from American, Asiatic and African states or Australia). Source: US Armed Forces

As far as getting there in a timely manner? If you shipped it USPS Priority mail, it would probably get there in 7-10 days, which is reasonable for cuttings.

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