Pink Pearl Apples

peachymomo(Ca 8)August 16, 2013

This year our Pink Pearl Apples were ripe about two weeks earlier than usual, and they had the darkest color we've ever gotten. I just made the last of the apples into pies and I thought I'd share some pictures, they are grainier than I would like but it can't be helped.

Apples with a slice of pie in the background

Skinned apple, great color.

Pink Pearl Apple Pie - No color added!

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Wow, that's pink! Never seen them before. Looks good.

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Never saw this type of apple before, but you made a beautiful pie with them. If I ever get a chance to get some, I definitely will. Thank you for posting about them.

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peachymomo(Ca 8)

Pink Pearl apples are very hard to find for sale, I've seen them in a specialty super market once but those had very little color to them and looked like they were getting past their prime. I learned about red-fleshed apples years ago and quickly realized that if I wanted some I was going to have to plant a tree, then I lucked out and my Mom bought a house that had a tree already planted. They are the best pie apples I've ever cooked with, but are too tart for fresh eating in my opinion - like a very tart Granny Smith. They also don't store well and the red pigment varies depending on soil and climate, so they won't make a good commercial crop.

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