When can I plant Garlic???/

gardencraze(9b Groveland FL.)September 9, 2011

I really want to start planting garlic but I've never planted it before.

Is it even posible in central FL.??? zone 9

Any info would be grately appreciated.



What kind is best?





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whgille(FL 9b)

Hi Carmen

Garlic is not the easiest thing to grow in Florida at least not for me, if not chilled prior to planting does not bulb up, also it has to be a variety suitable for the South like a Creole.
It gets planted when you plant the onion sets when is cooler. Last year I bought at the feed store garlic and onions. While garlic is more expensive, onions are a real bargain. Short day onions do well here and you will have onions for a long time. The box stores also carry them.
Plant onions or garlic in the soil, if you have a raised bed or just amend the soil with some organic material.
When I see the onion sets and garlic at the feed store or other place, I will let all know.


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gardencraze(9b Groveland FL.)

Thanx Silvia, I did a little more research on the net and it says that you could actualy put your garlic seed in the fridge for 6 weeks so I put my garlic seed in a cup like we do for tamatos and put them in the fridge,after 6 weeks you should plant them in the ground. Lets see how that fairs, I'll keep you posted.
I hope it's cold in six weeks LOL. I should have garlic by spring. Who knows it may work

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Do start the individual cloves, or are there seeds? And do you chill the whole bulb and then break it apart to start from the cloves?

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whgille(FL 9b)

You can chill the whole bulb and when planting you break into individual cloves.

MichaelC is the king of garlic in Florida, there was a thread about his garlic, he has some expensive hobby! lol.


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gardencraze(9b Groveland FL.)

Silvia what Michael's GW name so I can find some old post.


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whgille(FL 9b)

Carmen - Do you remember the swap in Deland? about 3 years ago I think, that is where I met MichaelC and that is his GW name, he told me about all the expensive garlic varieties that he trialed in his garden and what did best for him. Somebody after that asked a question and he answered and show pictures. You know me I only like experts that can show results and pictures to probe, otherwise it is only talk or repetition and we all can do that.:) Most like it you won't find a post with his name and I have not seen him posting lately.


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gardencraze(9b Groveland FL.)

what a bummer... I'll keep looking.I looked for him in old post but there was nothing to do with garlic.
Yes Silvia I remember that swap, that was my first swap it was such and I learned so much. I walked away loaded with plants and other garden stuff. I havent been to another since.

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I planted grocery store garlic last year. It did pretty well considering I planted at the wrong time on a whim. I only got one to bulb, but it was a good first experiment. I think the plants also helped keep some pests at bay. Also using grocery store garlic is extremely cheap if you just want try it before deciding to invest in better quality bulbs.

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Practically speaking, from central FL northward, "seed" garlic cloves may be planted from October through December. Depends on when temperatures begin to moderate. The garlic will sprout long before it does in more northern climes so a mulch or row covers may be necessary to protect from hard freezes. I used to plant grocery store garlic and it did pretty well in my raised bed. I'm a few miles south of Spring Hill. Not all garlics need vernalization (exposure to cold). Those that do will still make nice bulbs but don't divide into cloves. That is why garlic planted too late in the spring does not make cloves. Hardneck garlics do not do well in the humid South so soft neck artichoke varieties are most ofen recommended. I now grow a variety of artichoke garlic called "Inchelium Red", which does well in Gulf Coast climate. I buy mine from a reliable organic source on the W3. I ordered in June (one must order early to assure availability from most "seed" garlic growers); it arrived in the mail this morning. In years past, I kept it in the refrigerator at 35 degrees for a few weeks before planting. I have conflicting information about whether this variety requires vernalization. This year, I have refrigerated most but have left some out of the 'fridge to see whether it "really" needs the cold.

As far as onions go, to make bulbs in Florida, one needs so-called "short day" onions. Most short day onions are the larger mild-flavored "sweet"onions such as "Granex", for example. My preference is for the smaller more strongly flavored cooking onons, of which, there are few short day varieties. The one I grow is "Red Creole". I grow them from seed obtained from a reliable online organic seedsman. Seeds are planted in containers in October and then transplanted into raised beds when they're the right size which, basically, is when they're big enough to handle safely without damage.

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Sounds easy enough. I just bought an extra bulb to try it with from the farmer's market. I'm going to put it in the frig for a couple of weeks first.

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johnjsr(9A DeLand)

Every thing you wanted to know about garlic found here.

Here is a link that might be useful: Gormet Garlic

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