Flordaking or queen peach trees

KaraLynn(z9 FL, Inverness, Citrus)September 17, 2009

Does anyone have either a flordaking or flordaqueen peach tree? I saw some for $20 at Lowes and would like to know if this is a good tree. Which would produce more fruit when grown in zone 9a? One of the people at Lowes told me that the queen would be better for my area but when I looked online the University of Florida website shows that the king would be better. Also, would I need to have more then one tree for them to produce fruit? And how many years after planting would it take for the tree to start producing?

Another fruit treet that I saw at Lowes was a Gold plum, ciruela oro, also for $20. Does anyone have any experience with these? Both types of trees were around 6 to 8 feet tall but fairly skinny.


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DO NOT BUY THEM FROM BIG BOX STORES. it's worth the extra money, kara, to order from a reliable nursery that uses the correct rootstock. unless it clearly states the rootstock, and it's the SAME rootstock as, say, bay laurel or just fruits use, don't bother. it'll just die.

trust me here, kara.

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KaraLynn(z9 FL, Inverness, Citrus)

Do you know of a reliable nursery in our area that sells peach and plum trees? I don't want to mail order a tree and then have to wait years for it to get big enough to produce fruit.

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featherhoof(zone 9)

My floridaking died the first year and replaced it with a florida prince, which I hear is very good.

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kara, peaches are very fast growing in fla (and, apparently, pretty short-lived... 7-9 years is it!) my florida price produced 100 perfect peaches the THIRD spring it was in the ground. just fruits sends large (5 foot) trees. best time to plant them is coldest week of the year... when they're dormant. correct pruning is essential. i just bought one of their new varieties, EARLIGRANDE--it's supposed to produce in mid-april. my prince produced mid-may to the beginning of june. in my very limited experiences with such things, the earlier, the better. (pests get bad around here after june 15...) From Gardening in Central Florida

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Don't be too hard on the big box trees. I bought 2 peaches and a nectarine three years ago at Home Depot for less than $10 each (end of season sale). They're doing fine and producing a lot of fruit. Only problem is keeping the racoons and possums that live on the next door golf course from beating me to the fruit.

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Anybody with Flordaqueen producing fruits in Central FL? I am in Orlando and planted a Flordaqueen this spring and later found out that is recommended by the Univ of FL for north Fl and not central. The tree is growing excelent. Should I take it out and replace it with like a Flordaprince recommended for my area, I'm afraid it will not produce.

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hey there
ive been moaning about my home depot flordaking peach tree for 4 yrs now because it was pretty but never fruited. this year the moaning is ended the treee has dozens of lovely looking peaches growing on it ! they are not ripe yet so i cant tell you about the quality. I also bought a snow queen and a midpride as back up. oh and since its doing so well i bought a golden dorsett apple tree for hd this year.

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For trees and shrubs , the motto is :

The first year they sleep .
The second year they creep .
The third year they leap .

By years , this means how long you have had it in the ground on your property;
not , how old the actual plant is .

So three to four years after planting is just right for seeing results .

This is a good all purpose link for fruit trees :

Here is a link that might be useful: Deciduous Fruits for the Home Gardner in North Florida and North Central Florida

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We bought a Floridaking last winter from Lowes, it had some blooms when we got it. They set and in a few months we had the best peaches we have ever had. Went back and bought two more this year. Lowes has an excellent return policy, every thing has a one year quarantee. Which unfortunately we had to use on our citrus that froze and died here in north Florida.

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