Substituting acid for water

cziga(Zone 5 -Toronto)August 24, 2012

I made a batch of Linda Lou's Heinz pickles, and a batch of Zydeco beans last night...both recipes (I believe) call for equal parts of Vinegar and Water. I'm still nervous about BWB canning the low-acid veggies, so I changed the ratio to make it more of a 3:1 Vinegar:Water ratio (more acid, less water).

I figure that if the total amount of liquid stays the same, you can always substitute more acid for water, right? That would still be safe, maybe even safer??

Just hoping that I was right about this :)

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cziga(Zone 5 -Toronto)

Also, I noticed air bubbles in the jars after processing. I thought I had gotten them out before putting the lids on, but as I removed them from the water, there were air bubbles traveling up the sides. Enough that I noticed them.

Now, after resting overnight, I don't see any air pockets, or too many bubbles anymore ... and all but 1 jar pinged shut and the seal seems fine.

Do I need to worry about air bubbles like that, or is that a normal occurence when you remove jars from the boiling water? (I don't think it was a density issue - I did pickles and zydeco beans, and after processing they are all sitting up near the tops of the jars and there is liquid space underneath the veggies, they're not crammed full).

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You're fine (and safer). We like things "vinegary" so I always find myself reducing the water in pickle recipes and increasing the vinegar.

A lot of times, there is a little air trapped inside the cucumbers or beans, and it will bubble out as the vacuum is being created. Or things are still boiling a little until they start to cool off. No worries.

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cziga(Zone 5 -Toronto)

Ah, thank you so much for letting me know! I thought extra vinegar instead of water would be fine, but then I figured I should ask just in case :)

The air bubbles are also good to know about, I haven't seen them before like that but they appear to be fine now and I'm glad to know that it can be normal.


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