Budding up!

Klea(4b)March 18, 2013

Spring is on its way and my hoyas are starting to look alive again - a few of them are even budding up! Just wanted to share some pictures of the buds, because I'm so excited to see them! Yay!

Please feel free to post pictures of your own hoya buds (or flowers) in this thread - I would really love to see them!

The faithful H. lacunosa:

First time bloomer - H. patella:

H. lasiantha - buds are growing bigger every day!

H. finlaysonii 'Nova':

First peduncle of the year just starting to form on H. cumingiana:

And last, H. compacta. A tiny peduncle starting to form near the tip of a new vine:

If all goes well they will flower soon, I'm hoping none of the buds will blast. I'm especially excited about the lasiantha and the finlaysonii! : )

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Nice closeups, Klea! I grew cummingiana for several years and finally got rid of it 'cuz the dang thing wouldn't bloom and the plant itself seems unruly to me. Please be sure to post back when the buds opens.

Fin is one of my favorites - what makes 'Nova' different? Can you show a leaf photo, or is it just the flowers that differ?

Denise in Omaha

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Thank you, Denise. Honestly I don't know what makes Nova different. I've just assumed it was a cultivar grown from seed or something, so it got its own cultivar name. When I bought it I really just wanted a finlaysonii, and it came tagged as 'Nova'. :)

Here are a couple of pictures - one of the whole plant and one of just a leaf:

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Beautiful photos Klea! Fingers crossed that your lasiantha buds make it to maturity!


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Klea,spring is great for our hoyas,they start to grow and flower.It helps to get us ready foe nice weather.
Nice photos of all your buds.

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Hi Klea. I love that photo of the lacunosa - the colors are so beautiful and we don't really get to appreciate them since the buds are so small. That's a great picture of the finlaysonii leaf, too. I want to take more foliage pictures and figure out how to better capture their charms. Some leaves, especially the stiff ones, I find easy, but others remain elusive subjects for me. Like paziae... or flavida... always so eye-catching, but hard to catch in the act.

I figured I would add some pictures to your thread since I always love it when people join in on my threads.

Hoya litoralis
This was one of my first Hoyas, but it's finally turning into a steady bloomer.

Hoya sp. RCBR-SP-YKL, clone A (EPC 229)
I freaked out the other day when I saw its leaves all shriveled from underwatering. I thought I was going to lose it, so I chopped it into cuttings and restarted most of it. Of course today the leaves look right as rain so I guess I didn't have to! Hope those cuttings root...

Hoya carnosa
It may sound cheesy, but I was just so happy that it was carnosa season again that I had to take some bud pictures. The fragrance is not one of my favorites, but since I know it means my kitchen is full of blooms, it always makes me smile.

Hoya lanceolata Bella
Another spring sweetheart.

Hoya cv. Christine
I almost forgot about these buds, even though I was so excited to see them start. It's a first time bloomer for me, so I think I didn't want to get my hopes up.

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Doug: I really hope the lasiantha will hold on to its buds and not lose them like yours have. Keeping my fingers crossed! I've tried not to move it around as much since you wrote in that other thread how your lasiantha usually throw her buds in the last minute. I really want to see these flowers!

Cpawl: Thank you. :) After a long winter it sure is nice to see some buds growing again.

Greedyghost: Oooh, those pictures are so beautiful! Thank you for posting them! Especially the sp. RCBR-SP-YKL pictures are very nice. I hope your cuttings will root, it would be heartbreaking to lose such a gorgeous hoya! The last one of the cv. Christine pictures is also stunning! You are a very good photographer!

I too find it hard to photograph leaves. The other day I tried to take pictures of all the hoyas I own with visible veins, but it didn't photograph as well as I hoped. Another type of leaves I never seem to get right on pictures are the hairy ones - like the soft, fuzzy, new leaves on h. patella.

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@ Klea

Thanks for the compliment, but I think the camera itself deserves most of the glory. ._.'

I don't think I will lose the EPC-229, as I left the base with a few leaves, and that's the part that has perked back up. Maybe it's all for the best. This species flowers so much that it doesn't grow. You wouldn't believe how many peduncles it has sprouted, for its size, since I've gotten it. I needed a backup anyway and maybe this will kick start some old fashioned, un-showy progress.

You'll get some lasiantha buds to pull through at some point. My plant tosses its buds at the last minute a lot, too. Frequently, I'll show up to find it has dropped every fat swollen bud except ONE, which it opens... all innocent-like. Idk what makes the difference between them coming to fruition or not, but I know one time my coworker picked up the plant, shaked it all about, and tapped on the buds with her finger, and they still all grew to term and opened.

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GG,I am in love with the flowers of Hoya sp. RCBR-SP-YKL, clone A (EPC 229).Dose it have a fragrance?When you have time can you take a photo of the leaves.

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It does have a fragrance. It's somewhat similar to the finlaysonii group, kind of citrusy and musky, and about that strong, too. It's different - but in that vein, basically.

Here is a photo I took a while back. The EPC-229 leaves are those flecked ones at the top. I have set parviflora (SRQ 3030) beneath it to show how similar the two are. Aside from differences in flecking, they are exactly the same in size, shape, and feel. I love these leaves.

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Thanks GG I will need to see if I can get this hoya.

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No no, GG, you can't blame it on the camera! ;-) That's as really cool looking peduncle, btw. Very long!

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Hey GG those are some amazing Hoyas! I am in love with the blooms on Hoya sp. RCBR-SP-YKL. I love fuzzy blooms!

And as for the co-worker shaking your Hoya!! Now my baby did that, and of course I understood. But I think it would take alot not to shake any adult that did it to my plant!!


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@ Klea

Yeah! I love Hoyas with long peduncles! I remember the first time I saw one, in one of Mike's pictures, I was like: O_O

@ Teisa

Haha. Yeah, I think if she'd looked over, the expression on my face was as though I was watching someone manhandle a newborn infant. Later that year I secretly smuggled her AV out of the office and changed its soil because I felt it was plant abuse, and I'm an interfering psycho.

Here are some pictures of my Hoya cystiantha. This is one of my favorite fragrances so far - smells like a sugary sweet lemondrop candy!

Hoya cystiantha
That's illagiarum in the foreground, and there are a couple other things in that pot. It was meant to be a temporary communal hydro rooting receptacle, but a few plants have just stayed there to live because they were doing well and I didn't want to lose them. This plant I received as a cutting last May and it's about 1.5' long at this point. It vacillated between partially yellowing its leaves and greening them up again all last year, but it's stopped now - hopefully because its root structure is stronger now?

I didn't get the greatest shot of the flowers, but the lighting is pretty and peaceful at least.

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Again; beautiful pictures, GG! Cystiantha looks a lot like campanulata, both flowers and leaves. I hope they smell similar too, as I own a campanulata, and I wouldn't mind having a hoya that 'smells like a sugary sweet lemondrop candy'. :)

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You'll have to let me know! :) I really struggle with campanulata... I think I'll have to semi-hydro any of this group of plants that I choose to grow.

The more Hoyas that bloom for me, the more intriguing I find the scents. I'm not really one of those people who intentionally collect plants for their fragrances, but wow, what a pleasure it has unexpectedly turned into.

Unfortunately it's not really a pleasure you can explain, just by shoving someone's face into your plant. It has to sneak up on you, one night, when your mind is somewhere else, and you suddenly smell something amazing you weren't expecting, emanating from within your home.

To me, it always feels like that scene in Where the Wild Things Are, where Max's bedroom starts transforming into a jungle.

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GG I think you find it much easier to grow these ones S/H.

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