ID Please

greendale(6B)March 24, 2013

I just bought this Hoya without a tag. What is the name of it? TIA

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Again thanks

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Looks like a very nice clone of carnosa. How big are the leaves? If they're as large as they look, it also brings daysyantha (which is extremely similar to carnosa) to mind.

Denise in Omaha

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Bad news to me if it is a carnosa . Not I do not like them but I already have some that grow from cuttings ( a variegated version with green in middle and white on leaf edge)
This new Hoya's leaf is much larger then the carnosa I have though. I was hoping it is a Hoya pubicyx cause I heard it is an easy bloomer and the leaf is larger. But I will happily take daysyantha as long as it is not another carnosa:)

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No, I'm sure it's not a pubicalyx. But if you don't already have an all-green carnosa, I think you'll end up really liking it. The all green carnosa is one of those old standards everyone should have, and if yours is a carnosa, it's one of the better clones I've seen. Mine has leaves that are much more variable and not as big. I like the consistency of the leaves on yours.

Denise in Omaha

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I agree with Denise on all points. You have a nice looking plant there and you should enjoy it. The variegated carnosa you have is the one we call Hoya carnosa Krimson Queen.

It is definitely not a publicalyx. I wouldn't say that pub leaves are larger than carnosa, either. They have a very different look to them, though, that is hard to put into words.

Dasyantha is similar in appearance, but its temperament seems more similar to villosa than carnosa - a little sensitive and not nearly so hardy. I find my dasyantha's leaves to have a broader swell to them than your plant. Pictures can be misleading, though, and even well respected experts can be led afoul, especially when trying to distinguish between closely related species.

Not to be a downer, but you very likely have a carnosa. 99% of the time when you buy a Hoya without a tag from a nursery that doesn't specialize in Hoyas, it's going to be carnosa. Especially when it looks like a carnosa. ;) The statistical likelihood of its being dasyantha is similar to the likelihood of a river rock being gold... at least at this point.

Obviously, if there is any remaining confusion, the flowers will reveal the truth, as there are distinguishing factors in the corona. So, hurry up and bloom it. ;)

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Greedy, you just can not let me hold my hope longer,do you? :)
Joking besides, I looked at both them tonight and do not feel they are the same species. Of course I never seen a all green carnosa before:), but the krimson queen does not have the vain that so obvious on the leave. Don't worry, I won't throw it out even if it is carnosa :) just want a positive I'd . :)
Here are some pictures of them side by side.

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Here is another picture for the size of the leaf, it is about 7". the leaf size of the krimson queen is about 3"

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Haha. Well I haven't seen a carnosa leaf that large. (My green carnosa has leaves about the same size as KQ.)

Okay, so let's just get this out of the way first. Size of leaf is not a reliable way to distinguish among Hoya species. First of all, there is natural variation among the plants in the wild, as they've adapted to different conditions. So people can wander through the forest taking samples of very different looking plants that end up being the same species. Add to that the tendency for cultivators to specifically select for certain outstanding traits. As CB says, "Hoya carnosa has more cultivars than the Milky Way has stars and 99% of those cultivars have never been registered." (Source)

That said, I think you have more hope of it being a carnosa relative, versus a carnosa, given its unusual size. Or, if it is a carnosa, it's an uncommon enough one that people will be happy to trade for it.

Do you like me more now? ;P

I kind of think you won't get a positive ID until it flowers... just a tentative one.

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Leaves of carnosa 'KQ', carnosa 'KP' or any of the carnosa cultivars vary substantially in size, shape & succulence, so don't let that sway you about the ID. I have two cultivars of carnosa - an old old old heirloom carnosa and one that is reverted green shoots from a 'Krimson Princess'. The leaves are significantly different. And that doesn't include the two variegated forms. They're all worth growing, so enjoy and post photos when you get flowers and we'll see what you have.

Denise in Omaha

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Greedy, yeah,much better now! :)
Denise, thanks for back each other up.:)
now it has a name called "carnosa big cousin" in my spreadsheet.
Hope it will bloom soon and I will share pic with you folks.
Thanks a lot

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I have always found the standard green Hoya carnosa to be more attractive than any of the variegated varieties. I think you will come to really like your plant once it gets a bit larger. One of the reasons I like the standard green carnosa is that it's blooms open very flat. The variegated plants I have grown always seem to have flowers that look cupped because they don't open fully.


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Thanks, mike.
Yes, I liked it already (or I would not buy it without know what exactly I get). Those big leaves are attractive. I had never seen a Hoya flowering in person before, wish me good luck on them. :)

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