Which Hoya rope would you recommend?

hermie3rd(5)March 12, 2013


I recently got my first Hoya from my mom about a week ago. I've been told by members on this forum that it is a Hoya carnosa. I have been going through the forum and reading other people's posts, and I really like the way the Hoya rope varieties look. Can anyone tell me if they are really hard to keep? And maybe which variety would be the best for a beginning Hoya enthusiast? Can they do well in hanging baskets? I'm in Michigan, so during the summer it could be outside, and in the winter it could be in my east-facing living room window.


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Hi Renee! I absolutely love the Hoya Rope. I have about 4 baskets of the all green variety and 1 variegated. I too fell in love with the leaves. Some people say it is too difficult to grow because it attracts mealies. Well I simply used a systematic like Bayers, tree and shrub, and have never had a problem. It even provides fertilizer to help it grow I believe.

In spring you can often find large baskets of it at the home improvement stores! One last note, the all green variety for me grows much faster than variegated. And the variegated are not as commonly found. As far as growing in Michigan, I can't give advice on. But maybe Gail will post something on that. I know mine love the most bright indirect light I can give them!! Hth!!

- Teisa

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Hi Renee and Teisa,
Renee, I bought my Exotic Angel hindu rope (non-var) about three years ago from Lowe's. It had 5 or so cuttings in a hanging basket. It was a nice little show with a foot of growth.

Being in Michigan, I summer mine outside in the shade and winter it in an east window. I fertilize regularly and use BATS usually in the Fall a few weeks before bringing my plants in for the season. While it's often recommended to remove the EA soil, I never did, but I am careful about watering. Today it's about four feet in length and looks great.

I've purchased many of my hoyas from Lowe's. They've all been EAs in hanging baskets (still are), have had decent growth and have been priced around $15. I don't think any of them have been difficult.

Good luck,

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Thanks Teisa and Gail! I appreciate your feedback. I never even thought about checking out Lowe's, but I'll start there. I was thinking of just ordering a cutting on ebay, but I would prefer to see the plant in person if possible.

Thanks again!

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Renee, I almost put in my post that I would avoid ordering a cutting like on eBay. My first one was like that and it was just a cutting, incredibly small. And then when I saw them at lowes and Home Depot I was able to get a full, lush basket for about the same price considering the shipping I had paid on eBay! After about a 1.5 years I have even repotted mine up to 8 " pots ( from 6) and they have done great in a fast draining mix. I typically use potting soil, orchid mix, perilite in 1:1:1 ratio. But as Gail said most will do fine in the Exotic Angel dirt for many years as long as you water only after it dries out. I've not seen them out just yet, but the stores will have them I would guess in just a
couple weeks.

P.s. after I posted, I read the post by Brad! He found EA baskets already at Wal-Mart!! So our shopping can begin!!!!!

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I saw that by Brad too! (Because I've become a little obsessed with the Hoya forum, lol). I'm usually not a Walmart fan, but I may have to make an exception to find my Hoya Rope!!

Thanks for the insight on ebay. I'm always a little weary to order from sellers, unless they have a million positive reviews. I think I will first search the stores here to see if I can come up with anything, and keep my fingers crossed! :)

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If you do check out Lowe's, keep in mind all stores are not equal with their selection or care. I have one in particular that I like and know that they get there plants in on Thursday (I asked).

WTS, I've gone and found nothing in the way of hoyas. Other times, I might walk out with 2, 3 or 4. You may be able to get them to request a particular variety for you. I've never done it as I like the "hunt". I think Teisa is right. This is a good time of year to be searching. Oh, and don't turn down a Lacunosa if you see one. It's one of the easiest to bloom and smells divine.

One more thing, if you go ahunting while it's still cold, take along a paper bag or two. The cold goes right thru the plastic bags most stores use.

Let us know how you make out.

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Thanks for the tips, Gail! We have 3 Lowe's fairly close to us, so hopefully one will have what I'm looking for and it will be healthy!

I also have 2 Wal-marts pretty close, and 3 Meijers. I mean, one of them is bound to have a Hoya rope, right? Maybe??

I'll definitely keep you posted!


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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

I saw a Hoya curtisii (actually 3 of them) at Home Depot in NYC. Don't see those everyday (not a rope Hoya, but a nice, less common one). Full pots for $12-13, but soaking wet & wayyyyyy to heavy for me to carry home w/ all else I was carrying.

But since you've reminded me, I may have to go back & get it tonight!

I agree abt not going to Ebay for cuttings. You might try reading our Exchange Area here & a bit further into Spring folks may be be able to spare some cuttings, perhaps just for postage.

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Hi! I was just doing some lurking around here and saw your post. I've seen Hoya nummularioides (if it was labeled correctly) lately at HD and Lowes, if that's one you're interested in. I've never grown that one, but others can tell you if it's worth buying or not. It wasn't one I recognized from seeing in other big box stores before. The foliage has a nice soft green color and looks a little more delicate than the more common Hoya carnosa. The link gives a little more info about the plant, including that its flowers have a spicy scent:) Yum!

Here is a link that might be useful: Hoya nummularioides info.

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Thanks all. Look who followed me home from Lowe's today!!! (Last one there, so I figured it was fate, right??)

I'm so excited. I'm assuming the greyish soft growth at the end of the stems is how it produces new growth and I shouldn't trim those off, correct?

Thanks again for all of your advice and feedback. :)

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Hi Hermie,
Looks like a nice one! Don't trim off the end growth. I still have upward and soft growth on an established plant, so, no worries. ;-). Having heavy substance to the leaves, you'll find this will hold a fair amount of moisture. Don't dote on it. Best to let it go too dry than too moist.
Well done!

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Thanks, Gail! Lowe's had a few varieties, but I thought my husband might freak out if I brought home multiple plants, lol. This guy was only $10, so I thought it was a deal!

Right now, it is in an east-facing window next to my other Hoya. When it warms up here in Michigan, I'll move it outside in a shady spot. I hope you had as much sun as we did on the west side today!! :)


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Very pretty Renee! See I can never leave one either. I actually found 3 baskets once and they all came home with me! I have even gifted my friends and mom the Hoya Rope also. Yours will eventually grow down and over basket. Who knows you may even see blooms this year! Congrats.

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Thanks Teisa! I blame my mom - she has a TON of plants in her house. My parents live in Ohio, so many of them can't be wintered outside. One fall, she counted the pots as she and my dad brought them in - she had 86 plants. Lots of them she has inherited from her mom, friends, etc, but still. Most of my plants have been ones started from her, but she actually DOESN'T have a Hoya rope, so when mine gets a little bigger, I'm going to take some cuttings and actually give her a plant for a change. :)


PS - My husband just always says I can't have as many plants as my mom. I've only got 10 right now, so I've got a ways to go. When we build our future home, I'm hoping for a screened in 4-season porch that gets a lot of light. ;)

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