Daffodils and Daylilies

newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)September 28, 2009

Now that all the new fall daylily orders are planted and all the daylilies

moved around that are going to be moved for the year its time to plant the

approximately 200 daffodils that I bought about a month ago and haven't had

time to plant until now. This spring I knew I wanted to plant lots and lots

of spring flowering bulbs and each fall I do manage to plant afew more. But

by this time of year, I always have had so much gardening done all year that

I just don't have the time or enthusiasm for more garden projects. Last year

I bought lots and lots of daylilies in the fall and had that planting to do.

This year, not so many fall purchases but I was finishing up the daylily

moving projects.

I would love to plant daffodils, tulips and crocus between most of the

daylilies around here. It would just really do so much for the gardens. The

daylilies look so great during bloom season but the beds are so bleak

during early spring when the daylilies just start growing. Crocus and

daffodils sure would do alot for the garden and I just love spring bulbs. I

love summer bulbs like lilies too but I was able to get a great start late

this spring getting more bulb lilies planted. That's the thing, I can plant

them in the spring so it gets done. If spring flowering bulbs were spring

planted, instead of fall planted, I would have lots of it done too. But by

the time fall planting time comes around for those spring bulbs, I am tired

of the non stop work in the garden. But after the winter I can't wait to get

out there and start gardening.

So I still have things to do like moving some of the bulb lilies I planted

this spring and have lots of mulching still left to do. Was working on some

mulching today. But my immediate big garden project is to plant those

daffodil bulbs that I already have and think about planning better for next

year so I can really can finally get lots more spring bulbs planted in my

daylily beds.

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NewyorkRita, I wish I had your energy. I plant quite a lot of bulbs, but have not ordered any this fall. What daffodil do you plant? I plant a lot of Ice Follies. I love Mt. Hood, but they are are always so much more expensive. I have a lot of Carlton. Sarah

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200? My knees and back hurt just thinking about planting that many bulbs. I've given up on tulips. I plant them, they bloom one year and I never see them again. I do have a few clumps of daffodils and have been wanting to add some of the pink ones. Not sure it will get done this fall though. I did get my order of Electric Orange Asiatic; Bon Bini Oriental and Secret Service Iris. I forgot I had placed the order till they arrived yesterday.

I planted daffodils in January one year. They had been sitting in the crisper drawer of the fridge since Sept. We had a warm spell so I went out and planted. They all bloomed that spring. So you could always hope for a warm spell in Jan or Feb. LOL

Leaves are falling here so I'll be outside today planting my few bulbs and raking leaves to put around the daylilies. We won't even hit 60 degrees today and it's suppose to get down to 38 here thursday night.

Happy planting


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I rarely plant tulip bulbs any more as the dratted squirrels dig them up and eat them. But for those who like tulips, the Darwin hybrids are the closest to "perennial" tulips that you can find. I have some clumps of the Darwin hybrid 'Pink Impression' that have been here for about 7-8 years. I would love to plant more except for the squirrels. The "Impression" series of Darwin hybrids comes in nearly every color. Daffodils do well w/ daylilies except that you must be prepared to dig them up and divide them every 3-4 years or they will 1) get so crowded they quit blooming and 2) crowd out your daylilies. Having said that, I still have thousands of daffodil bulbs here. But it is a bit of work!

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I plant to plant a few Mount Hood daffodils with the daylilies this year, but I am a tulip nut and I have about 200 of them coming.

I have heard that if you plant them 10 inches they come back more than one year. I appreciate Floot's info on Darwin"s

Rita, I finally have all of the daylilies planted, but a bit more mulching to do. Also, I have a bed that has only a half dozen daylilies in it, but nonw of them did well, so I am going to did them up and amend the bed. I discovered a pile of "black gold" compost and I am going to use and some other enrichments and see what happens next year.

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corgicorner(Mass 6/7)

If you are considering planting bulbs of any type I STROGLY suggest you look into purchasing a garden auger. It looks like an oversize drill, but designed for use in a garden.
If you purchase one you'll wonder why you hadn't done so before. Google "garden auger". Under $30.00. I think that I can say, in all honesty, that I can dig 10 holes while you dig and plant one!!!!! Get one that is 3" diameter. Good Luck!!!

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xaroline(zone 3 Calgary)

My solution to the squirrel problem is to buy a package of "Deer Resistant" bulbs on sale and layer the tulips under those bulbs. The daffs may not flower the first year as they may not root properly before the ground freezes.
I normally plant daffs the first weekend in September.

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