Ok, Oopsie Time

homemadecountrylife(Zone 8A CA)August 23, 2014

I am not new here but I like to lurk :)

I'm canning corn today and I've used my weighted pressure canner in the past successfully. But today I am cleaning out my fridge & pantry, trying to up date things and throw out the old and outdated items.

Here's my problem, I unthinkingly put my pressure canner's weights on when I added my corn quarts, locked up my canner, and walked into the other room to clear out my pantry and make room for my canned corn. I was waiting for the pressure to build and "whistle" but when I didn't hear it, I checked on it. It's already boiling and processing. What do I do?

I am supposed to process my quarts for 85 minutes at 12lb of pressure, but it's been going at 15 lb of pressure for an hour. Is that enough time? Will it be processed enough? Remember I didn't let it vent for 10 minutes like I normally should, because I forgot to leave my weights off until it's vented. Can anyone give me some advice for my knucklehead move?

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I am not qualified to answer that question for you. Basically, you have two issue. 1) failure to vent and 2) more weight than you need. I do know this for sure, you can't just automatically reduce the time you process if you use more pressure, because you don't know how much time to reduce the processing. If you did it would be an easier answer. I can only tell you what I would do, and to do so would be to assume some risk. I would process the full 85 minutes. That still leaves the failure to vent issue. When I first started pressure canning, I didn't even KNOW you had to vent. The food was OK, but that is just anecdotal. I have no clue if the excess pressure will help to compensate for your failure to vent or not. That's the problem and I don't think any experienced canner will absolve you and say "sure" it's ok. It's your risk and your call to make. Should you process the whole time and decide to consider it useable, I'd certainly mark those jars and cook them the recommended time to kill toxins if you use them before you consume them.

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According to the NCHFP, the extra air in the canner from not venting lowers the temperature achieved for a given pressure. Since you only had the weight set for 3 lbs more than you needed for your altitude, I don't know if that was enough even if you processed for the full 85 minutes. I would open those jars and reprocess or freeze - but that's just me.

If you decide not to do either of those, then I agree, mark those jars as underprocessed and make sure to boil them for 10 minutes when you open them.

Here is a link that might be useful: NCHFP Pressure Canning Info

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

Since it has been less than 24 hours why not just reprocess them correctly? Sure it will be a bit softer but that you can live with and it will be safe.


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homemadecountrylife(Zone 8A CA)

Thanks everyone, I am going to reprocess them like Digdirt said. Better to be safe then sorry, right?

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