ID this Plant....Linearis?

teisa(6)March 27, 2013

Well I went to one of the box stores today just to check out new spring shipments. Ive wanted a Linearis for a long time. Well I found this Exotic Angel but it didn't have an ID tag in it. Im not sure if it is Rhipsalis or Linearis. Can someone please give me an Identification on it?

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Not linearis. Rhipsalis, seems right. I saw one of those the other day too - cool plant.

Hoya linearis has fairly short internodes and the leaves are tender, fuzzy, and canoe shaped. The vines are fuzzy and delicate, too. Here's a close shot so you can see what I mean.

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Ok thanks GG. I was afraid it was Rhipsalis. But just so I didn't let a big basket slip right through my fingers, I thought I better check. I appreciate the close up and comparison, that will help alot.

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